Get more personal

Collect + connect with VideoQ

Meet the real person behind the application using Submit’s intuitive pre-recorded video interview questions, improving your decision-making process helping you connect in a more personal way.

Get closer to your candidates

Connect with the person behind an application with our pre-recorded video submission questions.

What is it?

It’s like an interview without an interviewer — candidates self-record video answers to your pre-set questions. By employing VideoQ to your application forms, you’ll instantly gain insights into applicants that you can’t get from words on a screen alone.

How does it work?

You pre-set the questions concerning a specific application. Applicants then record their answers from their device directly into VideoQ. Once a candidate submits their entire application, you can review everything together within the app.

Why consider it?

VideoQ has transformed the way our clients collect and evaluate applications. Battle tested by our TV talent casting clients over many years, but we now see it used for grant pitching, accepting award nominations and even in prestigious academic institutions.

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