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Meeting Demands and Adapting to Digitization

The last two years have been a test for virtually every professional organisation, in terms of adapting to a new age of work from home and uprooting all forms of routine work practices, almost worldwide. This has been no different for Cork City Council in terms of acclimatizing work processes to a new digital system, […]


Creativity In Business Solutions

To say that 2020 & 2021 were one of the most eventful years of modern times is putting it mildly. There are those who have faced great challenges in the last 24 months and, rather than accepting some form of defeat, have rallied to preserve their businesses or way of life in as much as […]

Start-Ups And Strong Business Strategies To Follow

The pace of technology and updating it has become a more crucial factor of life than would have even been predicted throughout this year. Investment is also key in making a difference in this changing world, and within that focus of IT and business, innovators are keen to address new opportunities as they present themselves. […]


Education In The Digital Future

A lot has been mentioned about the opportunities for business, innovative advances in technology, and how a number of entrepreneurs have accelerated their start-ups this past year. Less of a focus in the news is how education is changing, not just because of the pandemic, but for the purpose of flexibility, movement and convenience. Keeping […]


Benefits Of The Innovation Portal

As technology changes and accelerates at an even faster pace around the world, there will always be new elements that have to be shown with examples of how they work and can be implemented. How to protect against similar outcomes in the future is something that many companies, organisations, schools and various businesses in the […]


Corporate Social Responsibility; More Vital Than Ever

The question of Corporate Social Responsibility has been one raised and debated more than ever given the present circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. This is a way of talking about how a given company has an impact upon communities, while simultaneously prompting change in both the economy and society as a whole. As these companies […]

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Innovation In Boosting Start-Ups, Making Work Transparent And Efficient

It is true that great start-ups and professional non-profit organisations alike want to have a positive impact in today’s world, while doing the best job possible to attract the finest talent to do so. While non-profits may have a clear agenda for humanitarian, natural or social problems, start-ups can also solve problems that are sometimes […]


Security: More Data Than Ever Imaginable Is Now Online. How Do We Safeguard It?

It was inevitable that businesses and corporations alike would digitise and move their respective content online, in the last two decades particularly. However, the rate at which this then occurred was unprecedented, and they were joined by less obvious organisations such as libraries, schools, internet buy and sell stores…to the point that it’s getting harder […]

Enterprise Boards; Being Ready For The Future

It could reasonably be expected that the majority of companies and operations are now using adaptable technology in some way or another, particularly in the era of COVID-19.  There are within this both opportunities and potential pitfalls to be considered. On the subject of Enterprise boards in Ireland, we will look at a few recent […]

Transforming Office Output In The Digital Age

It’s safe to say that this pandemic has helped a lot of workers and companies alike find new ways to adapt to work and their output in general. Some of these methods have proven hugely positive, while others may have taken a little longer than expected. It is clear that some industries were prepared for […]