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6 Essential Elements Of Absolutely Any Application Form

An application that’s too long, too boring and too demanding can make even the most ambitious candidate snooze. A student applying for university, a small organisation applying for a grant, or a citizen applying for a civil licence—it doesn’t matter the reason, completing an application form should be simple and painless. And a great application […]


Here’s How To Streamline All 3 Phases Of The Grant Cycle

When it comes to philanthropy, funders have almost as much administrative work as the actual grantmaking itself.  And while you can’t remove any aspects of the planning, implementation and management process, you can certainly streamline each step and simplify things as much as possible. Along with best practices for grantmakers, we’ve put together four ways […]

7 Key Techniques For High-Performance Group Decision Making

Group decision making is tough, no matter the circumstance. Business trends tell us that large pools of knowledge equal a superior outcome—but by now we know that more heads don’t necessarily mean better ideas.  In a group review process, opinions get distorted, influenced, glorified, hushed or pushed into a corner. Individual biases creep up. Power […]


The 3 Types Of Innovation Every Business Needs To Know

Innovation has become such a buzzword in recent years that it’s hard to remember what it actually means. Companies often declare ‘we need to start innovating!’ or more commonly, ‘we are an innovative company’—but what does that actually mean? Innovative how? And what area of innovation are they talking about? We need specifics around here. […]

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Calling All Startups! Top 10 Incubator & Accelerator Programmes In Ireland

Ireland has some of the best incubator and accelerator programmes in Europe, but before you consider applying for one, it’s important to know the difference between the two: Incubators  Incubators are generally for new companies. They aim to nurture and support the growth of new businesses and will typically provide co-working office spaces, networking and […]