Whether you’re a student applying for university, a small organization applying for a grant, or a citizen applying for a civil license, completing an application form should be simple and painless. An application that’s too long, too boring, and too demanding can make even the most ambitious candidate snooze. A great application gets the applicants excited about the opportunity that awaits them on the other side.

If you’re creating forms for prospective students or small organizations applying for funding, here are six essential elements of any application form to consider.

  1. Personalized question responses
    A smart form needs to be responsive. Your form should be branched in a logical way so that if a candidate responds to a question with a particular answer, it can be used as part of a subsequent question. Personalizing responses gives an application form more than just a personal touch—it shows you’ve thought of everything, crossed every t and dotted every i to get the best possible insight from your candidate.
  2. Multiple format responses
    A modern form gives applicants the option to respond to questions in the way that’s best for them. That means rather than forcing multiple-choice or character-limited answers for each question, get creative. Put yourself in an applicant’s shoes for a moment and consider how you would like to answer that question if you were completing the form.
  3. Upload supplementary information
    Does your application form require candidates to upload a supporting document at any point in the process? If the answer’s yes, it is vital that you make it easy for them to do so. A great application form makes the process as easy as possible. At whichever stage you’ll require candidates to share additional documents, make sure they can easily do that before they move on to the next stage.
  4. Friendly, timely reminders throughout the entire application process
    Send automated reminders throughout the process to keep candidates on track. It’s not always the case that a candidate has abandoned the application, but life gets busy and sometimes, even the important tasks slip off our radar. Help your applicants stay on track by using automated email reminders at various points in the process.
  5. Branded, distinct forms
    Unbranded forms stink of laziness and even a lack of trust. Your brand identity is the face of your organization, and if created properly, your application form can stand alone as an excellent marketing tool. A form that’s on-brand helps build trust and credibility with your applicants and it provides the foundation for your marketing strategy.
  6. Multi-phase applications
    Build a form that supports multi-phase submissions and keep candidates engaged throughout long-form applications. A long-form application doesn’t need to be a boring one—by implementing a phased approach, not only does it separate sections of the form, but it also helps candidates feel that they are progressing through the application.

Whether you’re creating forms for prospective students, or small organisations applying for funding, Submit.com’s smart application forms are the solution you need. The easy-to-use, user-friendly interface ensures that the process is simple and painless for the candidate. Submit.com’s six essential elements for any smart form ensure that your form is responsive, user-friendly, and designed to attract candidates. Don’t hesitate to contact Submit.com today to revolutionise your application process.

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