Cast TV Talent

Allow people to apply to take part in a specific show or register interest to be considered for future episodes or a pilot.

Accept great pitches

Receive original content proposals more effectively and protect against the dangers of unsolicited submissions.

Build huge databases

Keep track of all your previous casting and pitch submissions in one GDPR complaint place.

Cast the brightest talent

All the tools and features to cast any TV show

tv production management software


Meet the real person behind the application using our intuitive pre-recorded video audition questions.

Multiphase submissions

Keep stronger candidates engaged while screening for unsuitable ones in long-form online submissions.

Bulk messaging

Safely and securely update candidates and casting producers with status notifications and reminders sent via email right from within the platform.

tv production management software

“For me, the best thing about Submit is how intuitive it is. I don’t have to spend ages training new producers on how to use the system.”

Paul KellyProducer | Coco Content

Accept great pitches

Forget about the dangers of unsolicited submissions

Smart Form

Upload sizzle reels

Accept all traditional file upload formats and link to files with cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo giving you the freedom to request any content.


Automatically tag submissions based on answers candidates give making it easier for you to sort and filter applications.

Role-based permissions

Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff and external reviewers and maintain audit trails of all actions.

Curate huge databases

Always maintain a clear overview of your show ideas


All your submission uploads in one place — everything from videos to images, documents to cloud links.


Make better decisions with our quick view and instant access to individual submissions.


Take quick actions on submissions with easy to use shortcuts.

Secure online evaluation

Fully GDPR compliant. No more posting, emailing confidential information to external evaluation members. All communications kept securely within the app.

File exports

Easily share your data with others via CSV and PDF exports. Excel-ready exports for evaluation, making archiving, reporting, and auditing simple.

Phone interview tool

Make it easy to narrow down candidates by tracking answers in any follow-up phone interviews.

Trusted by industry leaders

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Discover how different organisations leverage our system.

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Talent casting | COCO Content

Finding somebody to love

COCO Content use Submit to manage the talent casting process for the hit international reality television series, First Dates Ireland and others.

TV production

Talent Casting | Youngest Media

Great savings and speedy productions

Youngest Media learnt the value of having an online system for their casting calls as they saw how much time they saved.

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