Whether you manage awards, grants, scholarships, or other programs, using an online solution to manage application intake and review saves time and effort. That’s a given!

However, how can you make sure you’re setting up an efficient workflow process from day one?

Sometimes the best insight comes from those that have been there before. We have spoken to our existing customers who have successfully moved to an online solution. They have streamlined their workflows/programs and made significant efficiencies in their business. So from our customers to you, here are three tips to consider when setting up your application online:

  • Detach from the email inbox
  • Communication is key
  • Only work on what’s relevant now

Detach from the email inbox

When you manage the application and review process using many tools, things get confusing. Bouncing between systems to keep everything organised is challenging. Can you afford to lose or misplace application data?
When you have a multi-tiered process with emails and attachments incoming, outgoing, backwards, forwards, up, down, left and right. Operating email is very inefficient and can cause serious problems.
Instead of using a handful of tools to manage the process, bring everything together in one location. Having one system that you can also use to collect, review and manage applications will save you not only time but a few headaches too!

Communication is key

An application process can be stressful and exciting at the same time! When applicants submit their information is when the fun begins for them. Remember they are eagerly awaiting a response from your organisation either positive or negative. Unfortunately, many organisations keep applicants in the dark. Their morale drops and you’ll see an increase in support requests you receive.
We see this a lot at Submit. That’s why we always encourage our users to embrace automation in the system. Greet applicants who have completed steps with automatic emails and moving applicants between stages.
At each stage of the application process, the applicant receives a confirmation email with instructions. The request itself gets forwarded to the next person tasked with review.
We have spoken to 100’s of applicants who have told us they greatly appreciate instant follow up from the system. Submission administrators and reviewers also welcome the change. They accept application forms instantly can review them on their schedules.

Only work on what’s relevant now!

Leverage automation to make sure you can find what you’re looking for, and quickly take in the most recent and relevant data.

With Submit, you can archive applications that have passed your deadline. Automatically add to your workflow to archive any applications that are already accepted or are over 30 days old. This way the system is always pushing the applicable grant requests forward while it’s archiving the rest, all in a very organised way. We can still search for any information in the archived applications. This brings much clarity, to simplify what you’re doing
Archiving applications gives you the unique advantage of having old data lying just below the surface. The applications and their data are still there for you to access. But, what you see on the day-to-day is a fresh view of applications that are new and relevant to your program. This puts clutter out of sight and out of mind, focusing your efforts where they matter most.
Do you think it’s time to streamline your online submission process? Are you’re interested in more ways to modernise your current workflow and review process? Talk to our senior solutions specialists today who will guide you through the process to see if Submit is the right fit for you.