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What are Multi-Step Forms?

Multi Step forms, also known as multi-page forms, break down complex information collection into a series of sequential steps. By dividing the process, users experience a more manageable and user-friendly interface, improving engagement and facilitating a smoother data submission journey. Explore the efficiency and enhanced user experience that multistep forms bring to online data collection and interaction.

Collect More Information with Multiphase Submissions

With unlimited phases, here are some ways customers successfully use this feature

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Progress reports

You can request updates on budgets and finance for beneficiaries. These updates are particularly helpful for grant management. By adding phases to your application, you can keep all original data and new information together.


Collect applications for a paid event, accreditations, etc. Confirm payment is successfully processed before you request more information. You can then use the second phase after payment is approved for medical information, surveys and much more.


Determine the demographic data of your candidates or invite them to provide feedback on the application process. All of this information is grouped with the candidate’s application.


Having a pre-recorded video interview as your second phase may increase the likelihood a candidates will complete their form as they feel as though they are progressing through the application process.

The Advantages of Multi-Step Forms

Explore the benefits of incorporating multi-step forms into your data collection strategy. By breaking down complex information into sequential stages, users experience a more intuitive and organized interaction. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also promotes higher completion rates.

For instance, in an admissions form, you can seamlessly guide applicants through personal details, academic history, and supporting documents, ensuring a smoother and more accurate submission process. Embrace the efficiency of multi-step forms across various applications to elevate your data collection experience.

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