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Engage scholars

Easily create modern forms that pre-screen and allow applicants to upload any supporting files.

Collaborate effectively

Work more closely with your applicants, scholarship staff, program staff, reviewers and board in one place.

Demonstrate impact

Powerful reporting tools to help you track, measure and illustrate the impact of your grant.

What is a Scholarship Management System?

A Scholarship management system is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the administration and organization of scholarships. From application processes to recipient management, it offers an efficient solution for institutions and organizations aiming to simplify and optimize their scholarship programs.

Why Choose Submit.com for Your Scholarship Management?

Elevate your scholarship program with Submit.com’s streamlined platform tailored for various needs, from community colleges to private foundations. 

Simplify application processes, cut administrative time, and make informed decisions with our custom dashboards, reports, and role-based permissions, trusted by leading organizations worldwide.

Who is it for?

Fund the future with modern online forms that make applying easy.

Community & Technical Colleges

Our fully customizable platform can help you increase application volume and eliminate manual processes. With our custom dashboard, dedicated review interface, and extensive report library, you can make faster, better decisions.

Community, Education & Other Non-Profits

We offer a universal platform that streamlines the student experience and saves valuable administrative time. By using Submit.com, you can allocate less time to awarding scholarships and dedicate more time to the essential work that helps your institution prosper.

Arts & Culture Scholarships

Give artists the highest level of support without the added paperwork.

Research Scholarships

Manage all aspects of your scholarship, from drafting the initial proposal to final funding.

Private Foundations & Professional Associations Scholarships

Our custom dashboard, reports, and dedicated review interface, you can make better and faster decisions.Submit.com can help you cut down the time spent on managing application collection, reviewing applications, and awarding by 60% or more.

4-Year Colleges & Universities

Our platform eliminates the need for manual processes and simplifies the student experience, ultimately increasing application volume. With our platform’s custom dashboard, reports, and dedicated review interface, you’ll have the tools to make quicker and more informed decisions.

Scholar Account Setup

Reduce the administrative effort with easy online payments via Stripe.


Accept quotes, invoices and other data from grantees to easily approve payments.

Focus on scholarship effectiveness

Generate audit trails, manage drawdowns and create post-scholarship reports

Submit.com grant management software interface

Post-scholarship reports

Keep candidates engaged throughout the process by regularly seeking infomation on scholarship effectiveness.


Accept quotes and other data from scholars to easily process claims and approve further scholarships.

Role-based permissions

Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff and external reviewers and maintain audit trails of all actions.

Enhance your current workflow

Integrate Submit’s tools and features with your smart, hard-earned system

Example of an online submission in Submit.com’s submission software

All your submission uploads in one place — everything from videos to images, documents to cloud links.


Make better decisions with our quick view and instant access to individual submissions.


Take quick actions on submissions with easy to use shortcuts.

Auto calculations

Automatically calculate totals, scores and formulas within tables while completing to simplify submissions and reduce errors.

Workflow automations

Automate repetitive administration tasks. Automatically sort and filter applications, send notification messages, move applicants between stages and much more using manual and auto-tagging.

Bulk messaging

Safely and securely update applicants and external evaluators with status notifications and reminders sent via email from within the platform.

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