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    Awards management software to help you collect nominations, manage entries and collaborate with judges.

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Easy for entrants

Create a great candidate experience with a modern, intuitive online process.

Flexible for you

Reduce administrative time and costs by managing everything in one place.

Efficient for judges

Simplify even the most complicated review process, and find your best candidate.

What is an Award Management Software?

The Award Management Software is a specialized tool designed to streamline the administration and organization of awards. It offers a centralized platform for efficiently managing the entire award process, from application and evaluation to approval and reporting. 

With features tailored for ease and effectiveness, it simplifies the complexities of recognizing and managing achievements.

Who is the Award Management Platform For?

Tailored for diverse needs, it serves entities ranging from educational institutions and non-profits to businesses, providing a unified solution for efficient award administration, evaluation, and reporting.

Discover The Submit.com Features

All the tools and features to help nominees stand out

Cloud sharing and file uploads

With our awards management software you can accept all traditional file upload formats, giving you the freedom to request, transcripts, documents, photos, videos and much more. We also allow candidates to link to files with cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo.


Whether you want to collect fees, allow people to register for a paid event, or sell services within your submissions, we’ve made it as easy as just asking a question, and with our partner Stripe, you’ll enjoy PCI compliance and fraud protection.

Auto calculations

Automatically calculate totals, scores and formulas within tables while completing to simplify submissions and reduce errors.

Embrace automation

Free up time to focus on higher-level priorities


Automatically tag submissions based on answers applicants give making it easier for you to sort and filter applications.

Streamlined judging

Don’t waste your judges time endless email chains or long review meetings

Evaluation summary forms

Easily build custom executive summary forms so judges can refer to award entries at a glance.

Smart folders

Reduce your administration burden by organising reviews into logical folders. Assign evaluations on a group basis with a single click.

Bulk messaging

Safely and securely update nominees and judges with status notifications and reminders sent via email right from within the platform.

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