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Submission Management Software

Our software empowers organisations to collect, manage and evaluate all types of submissions and applications.

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Build stunning mobile responsive smart forms on a customisable portal. Unleash your organisation’s potential to accept any application or submission. Regardless of what types of data you’re collecting or your industry.


Wield powerful data management automation tools as part of your day-to-day. Discard costly and tedious administrative tasks from your workflow. Centralise communications between your team, applicants and external evaluators.


Collaborate as a team to make the best decisions faster. Delve deep into the why’s and why not’s of applications with secure online evaluation. Identify vital data with filtering and smart tagging and create compelling custom reports.

Creative submissions | Limerick Culture and Arts Office

Stimulating a community of creatives

Discover how Limerick Culture and Arts Office leverage Submit for a variety of creative submissions including, poetry submissions and bursaries.

Grant management | High Fives Foundation

Facilitating an ambitious foundation

When the High Fives Foundation began their search for a grant management system, they thought a custom solution was their only hope. Then they found Submit.

Award management | The Next Web

Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Discover how The Next Web whittled down 5,500 applications for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with Submit’s awards management software.

Talent casting | COCO Content

Finding somebody to love

COCO Content use Submit to manage the talent casting process for the hit international reality television series, First Dates Ireland and others.

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