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    Application management software to help you find and develop ambitious early-stage companies.

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Impress your candidates

Direct candidates to apply for your program on a completely customisable workspace. 

Grow your program

Automate administrative tasks, freeing up time to concentrate on high-level priorities.

Make better decisions

Make selections as a team, with centralised notes, communications and consistent scoring.

Discover Our Accelerator Management Software

The acccelerator management software streamlines and enhances the entire lifecycle of startup initiatives. This powerful tool simplifies candidate engagement by providing a customisable application workspace, freeing up valuable time with automated administrative tasks, and facilitating collaborative decision-making through centralised notes and scoring. From managing intake to sharing pitch decks and engaging mentors, this software equips programs with essential features to nurture ideas and foster innovation efficiently.

Experience a streamlined selection process with multi-step forms, auto-scoring and auto-tagging. Maintain a clear overview and accountability with audit trails, role-based permissions, and organized evaluations through smart folders and file exports. Trusted by leading organizations globally, the accelerator management software by Submit.com is the catalyst for effective startup talent ignition and program growth.

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Nurture the Strongest Ideas

All the tools and features to manage any program

Submit.com's Accelerator Management Software in action for start-up success
Start-up employees using Submit.com’s accelerator management software in the office

We run a number of start-up initiatives to support start-ups every year and we often have applicants progress through the workshops before applying for IGNITE, our full-time programme. Submit provides an effective platform to capture, track, share and assess applications across all our start-up initiatives.

Eamon CurtinDirector, Ignite | University College Cork

Streamline the Selection Process

Free up time to focus on what’s important

Example of an online submission in Submit.com’s submission software

All your submission uploads in one place — everything from videos to images, documents to cloud links.


Make better decisions with our quick view and instant access to individual submissions.


Take quick actions on submissions with easy to use shortcuts.

Generate Audit Trails

Always maintain a clear overview of your program

Submit.com - Government submission software interface

Smart folders

Reduce your administration burden by organising reviews into logical folders. Assign evaluations on a group basis with a single click.

File exports

Easily share your data with others via CSV and PDF exports. Generate Excel-ready exports making archiving, reporting, and auditing simple.

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