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    Ensure your projects run smoothly no-matter how complex your workflows

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Simplify Workflows

Manage multiple workflows all on one platform while ensuring your team only sees what they need to see


A range of tools and features to facilitate even the most complex of workflows. Anything your program requires from multiple phases to tricky assessment criteria.

Assisted build

Our highly experienced Team will work with you to ensure that the process of moving your project to Submit is effortless and effective for all stakeholders.


Each member of your team will be provided with the tools needed to carry out their function effectively and intuitively. 

What is a Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software is a powerful solution that streamlines project execution, ensuring smooth operations for projects of any complexity. 

Submit.com’s platform simplifies and centralizes multiple workflows, offering team members tailored visibility into their relevant tasks. With flexibility to handle intricate processes, assisted build support from our experienced team, and personalized tools for each team member, Submit.com’s workflow management software is designed to enhance efficiency. Explore features like multiphase submissions, team collaboration, tagging, folders, and bulk messaging to optimize your workflow experience, trusted by leading organizations globally.

Why Choose Submit.com’s Workflow Software?

Submit.com’s workflow software offers a reliable and user-friendly solution to streamline project management. With a focus on simplifying complex workflows, our platform provides a flexible array of tools, personalized assistance from our experienced team, and intuitive implementation. Our commitment is evident in custom plans that include dedicated workflow build assistance, ensuring a smooth project transition.

Trusted by organizations worldwide, Submit.com’s Workflow Software is the choice for optimizing processes and achieving seamless workflow execution.

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Workflow Management Team

All of our custom plans include custom workflow build assistance from our experienced team

Submit.com’s workflow management software interface


Tags are a powerful way to move an application through stages of assessment.


Applications can be added to multiple virtual folders and shared with Team Members and External Reviewers for assessment.

Bulk messaging

Create email templates for common messages. Use these templates to contact candidates in bulk based on the tag or status of their application.

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Trusted by leading organisations worldwide