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The why

Our clients have detailed to us their flirtations (and frustrations!) with building or maintaining a custom-built online submission system. On the surface, this sounds ideal. Software specifically tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. Everything is kept in house. Everything is controlled. But there are more than a few downsides.

So why should you choose Submit?

  • We’re ready now
  • We’re super versatile
  • We take security seriously
  • We won’t let you down
  • We’re relentless about improvement

We’re ready now

Our software is already built. There’s no hanging around. As you read this, you’re already only a few steps from accepting your first submissions.

With Submit, you don’t have to spend time and effort micromanaging a seemingly endless chore of; project managing development, specifying features, hosting, backing up, security, monitoring, uptime management, maintenance, updating, etc. Atop all this, you then must add the outrageous costs of a custom solution.

However, for a simple, affordable and transparent annual fee, you can get the system you want. Not after an age spent in development hell, but immediately.

We’re super versatile

You might think a custom-built system is the only solution to your specialised needs. However, we’ve dealt with a wide variety of unique approaches across several industries. It’s unlikely you’ll show us a workflow we can’t streamline. Don’t believe us?

Check out our work updating the labour intensive legacy systems for Local Enterprise Offices throughout Ireland.

Submit is built for flexibility and versatility. We have created multiple different question types allowing you to easily create simple or complex forms. Ensure an integrated brand experience by theming your submissions on your custom domain. Customise requirements, accept payments, pre-screen applications, automate repetitive tasks, send out reminders, report on your success and much more all with one application.

Is your organisation’s size driving you to a custom-built system? Submit is for everyone. Big or small. We have clients that accept less than 500 submissions per year to clients that receive 50,000 plus.

Data breaches can severely harm your organisation. Are you confident your custom-built system is truly minimising your exposure to unwanted activities or spam bot attacks?

With Submit you can relax in the knowledge you’re backed by enterprise-level security. Our software is monitored and encrypted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your data is completely secure and encrypted in transit and at rest.

Remember when GDPR came in? Every organisation that dealt with EU residents’ data scrambled to ensure they were compliant. We didn’t. We were prepared.

We spent six months consulting with data protection specialists building additional layers of data protection security and transparency into our system as well as changes to our forms to make sure all information gathered through our software is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Would a custom solution be as agile?

We won’t let you down

With a custom-built system, you cannot guarantee its durability and reliability. The last thing you want during your busy period is unscheduled maintenance or total system collapse. When the pressure is on, you need software that has you covered.

Submit is designed to handle large volumes of traffic. We’ve seen more than 20,000 submissions per hour with no fuss on ours, yours or the applicant’s end.

In 2018, our clients experienced 99.9% uptime. That 0.1% of downtime was for scheduled maintenance, which we communicated well in advance.

We will not let you down. We’ve consistently demonstrated to clients our reliability, robustness and lightning speed.

We’re relentless about improvement

Once the developers are finished building your custom-built system, it’s finished. You might be happy with the functionality now but what about the features you’ll need 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years from now?

Choosing Submit means you’ll get a best-in-class product that is supported by a team of experienced and proactive professionals.

Our development team is never not in feature development. They regularly release advanced features, security updates and design enhancements which will be available to you right away.

For example, our auto-tagging feature was initially designed as a workaround to solve one specific client issue and is now one of our most popular features among all our clients.

Meanwhile, our Customer Success team is obsessed with you getting the best out of our software. So much so that you can expect a call, email or in-app message from them if any problem is detected on your or our side.

With this kind of support, you can focus on getting the important tasks completed without wasting time trying to figure out how something works, and quickly go from sign-up to launch.

Make the move to Submit

  • We’re ready to launch now.
  • No dealing with software developers.
  • Zero maintenance on your end.
  • We’re completely online.
  • We’re accessible anywhere from any device.
  • One transparent annual fee.
  • You can customise all you want.
  • We’re easy to use.
  • We can help any organisation. Big or small.
  • We’ll back you with enterprise-level security.
  • We’re 100% compliant with GDPR.
  • We consistently prove our reliability.
  • We’re continuously improving.
  • Our team wants you to succeed.
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