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Create Engaging and Interactive Forms

Creating a form is quick and easy with our platform

Branch logic

Streamline the application process by dynamically changing the application questions based on a candidate’s answers making the process as simple as possible for the candidate.

Cloud sharing

Through integration with major cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo it’s easy to accept any supplementary information from candidates. Everything from documents to photos to videos.


Automate personalised content within your form questions for a personal touch. This is done by using the candidate answer to a previous question as part of a subsequent question.

Intelligent Form Building with Smart Forms

Smart Forms by Submit.com redefine the form creation experience, offering a dynamic and user-friendly platform for building mobile-responsive forms with precision. These intelligent forms go beyond the conventional, incorporating features like branch logic, which adapts questions based on candidate responses, creating a tailored and streamlined application process.

With Submit.com’s Smart Forms, precision, adaptability, and user-centricity converge to redefine the art of form creation.

Who Is It For?

Submit.com’s Smart Forms cater to a diverse range of users seeking a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for form creation. Whether you’re an administrator streamlining application processes, an event organizer collecting diverse information, or a business professional seeking precision in data collection, our Smart Forms are designed to meet your specific needs.

From educational institutions managing admissions to government, our intelligent forms adapt seamlessly to various use cases. Experience the flexibility and efficiency of Smart Forms, tailored to empower a wide array of users across industries and applications.

Automatic Scoring and Tagging

Automation can ensure that time is not wasted on repetitive tasks.

Submit.com’s submission software interface

Auto reject

Quickly filter out unsuitable submissions with auto-reject questions within the application form.

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