• Features of Our Submission Management System

    Maximise efficiency with all the features you need within a single system.

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Intuitive forms

Quickly build complex forms and gather the data and media you need in the format you want.

Flexible workflows

Create simple or complex workflows with advice from our expert support team.

Secure evaluation

Evaluate effectively with features such as auto-tag, auto-score, auto-reject, user score, user-tag, user comment.

What is a Submission Management System?

A Submission Management System is the backbone of streamlined processes, enabling organizations to effortlessly manage, track, and optimize their submission workflows.

With Submit.com, you gain access to a sophisticated platform designed to simplify and enhance the entire submission process. From seamless collaboration to real-time tracking, our system empowers you to stay in control and focus on what matters most – your submissions.

Elevate Your Process with Advanced Submission Collection

Submit.com’s submission system interface on desktop
  • Unlimited programs and submissions

    Create an unlimited number of programs to accommodate a variety of requirements and seamlessly manage a few or a few thousand applications.

  • Stunning smart forms

    No complicated coding or web design skills needed, just build beautiful fully mobile responsive forms fast using 30 different question types including multiple choice and other media uploads.

  • Custom branded workspaces

    Direct applicants to a branded workspace where they can easily complete and track all requirements and collaborate with you and your team through the process.

  • Branch logic

    Streamline the application process by dynamically changing the application questions based on the users’ answers.

  • Anonymous data

    Whether you want to collect fees, allow people to register for a paid event, or sell services within your submissions, we’ve made it as easy as just asking a question, and with our partner Stripe, you’ll enjoy PCI compliance and fraud protection.

  • Sketch + Markup

    Sketch out a drawing or annotate over any image upload. It’s as simple as the user creating a sketch or taking an image from within the app and drawing over it with their finger.

  • On-screen signature

    Request a digital signature as part of your submission form. It works beautifully on touchscreen devices with the applicant using the best pointing device, their finger.

  • Auto calculations

    Automatically calculate totals, scores and formulas within tables while completing to simplify submissions and reduce errors.

  • Cloud sharing and file uploads

    It’s easy to accept all traditional file upload formats (e.g. pdf, jpg, png, mov, mp4 etc.) giving you the freedom to request, transcripts, documents, photos, videos and much more as part of your submission process. Through seamless integration we also allow candidates to link to files with all major cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Payments powered by Stripe

    Whether you want to collect fees, allow people to register for a paid event, or sell services within your submissions, we’ve made it as easy as just asking a question, and with our partner Stripe, you’ll enjoy PCI compliance and fraud protection.

  • Video Interview Software

    Submit incorporates the ability to set up pre-set questions to answer live on video for the candidate and recorded for you! No more scheduling of phone or Skype calls!

  • Surveys

    Request feedback and input from your applicants and external reviewers on your program’s performance.

  • Built-in link shortener

    Share your form online with our friendly Url shorter submit.link. It’s as simple as creating your form which generates your shortened link and custom QR Code, then share online and on social media.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    This is the process of identifying a submission by validating they are whom they say they are. The applicant must confirm the authentication by clicking a unique link within the set up email that was created by Submit linking them back to the application.

  • Multi-step forms

    Customise the workflows for each of your programs. Create single-stage, or multi-stage, submissions processes. Keep your candidate/applicant interested and engaged in the process using a phased approach to your long-form online submissions. You can now invite a successful applicant/candidate to the next phase of their application with a simple auto-generated congratulations and invite to next phase email.

Effortless Application and Team Administration


Export data easily via CSV and use for evaluation, archiving, reporting, auditing and import integration with any other systems.

Role-based permissions

Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff and external reviewers and maintain audit trails of all actions.


Easily create custom reports to analyse applicant and evaluation data. Filter submissions by criteria to quickly identify the data you require.

Workflow management

Automate repetitive administration tasks. Automatically sort and filter applications, send notification messages, move applicants between stages and much more using manual and auto-tagging.

Application tracking

Select successful submissions and trigger email notifications to applicants with links for acceptance.

Auto scoring

Generate scores or points of qualitative values for specific answers, to help you quickly evaluate submissions.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Reporting Solutions

Submit.com - Submission software interface

File exports

Easily share your data with others via CSV and PDF exports. Excel-ready exports for evaluation, making archiving, reporting, and auditing simple.

Evaluation summary forms

Submit makes it easy for your evaluation committee to read, comment and score. Custom build any type of evaluation questions into your app. You can also custom build executive summary forms for evaluation committee meetings.

Bulk messaging

Safely and securely update applicants and external evaluators with status notifications and reminders sent via email right from within the platform.


Update applicants and external evaluators with status notifications and reminders sent via email.

Secure online evaluation

Fully GDPR compliant. No more posting, emailing confidential information to external evaluation members. All communications kept securely within the app.

Smart folders

Reduce your administration burden by organising reviews into logical folders. Assign evaluations on a group basis with a single click.

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