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Make it easy for citizens to apply for any grants or licences. Everything from arts bursaries to market licenses.


Encourage concerned citizens to report damage to civil property and make suggestions for improvements.


Centralise all fines and permits in one location with an audit trail for every action.

Understanding Our Government Software

Our government software is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify workflows, allowing a focus on citizen engagement and service. Easily facilitate citizen applications, reports, payments, and internal processes, all on one secure platform. 

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide, our system brings efficiency and transparency to government operations.

Make applying for governmental services and licenses easy

Features of Submit.com’s submission management system


Easily evaluate any civil licence application, everything from market stalls to skip placements.


Accept event ideas from the public and appove suggestions for existing community events.

Housing Forms and Submissions

Keep an up-to-date record of all housing related submissions received.

Simplify the process for making complaints and reporting faults

Damage reports

Allow concerned citizens to alert the relevant department of damage to government property. Even allow staff to perform regular inspections.

Civil complaints

Provide citizens with the tools to easily complain of substandard services and other civil issues.


Ask citizens for their suggestions and feedback on current or future civic services.


Empower citizens to alert you to issues impacting the area such as pollution, flooding or littering.

Housing Complaints

Record and manage housing-related complaints from worried citizens.

Easy payment of fines and permits

Parking Fines

Issue fines to citizens for parking and allow them to pay online via Stripe.

Parking Permits

Make it easy for citizens to apply and pay online for any type of permit while automating the administration for your staff.

Litter and Environmental Fines

Collect fine payments from citizens related to litter, environmental and other civil violations.

Construction Permits

Accept and grant requests for construction permits.

Other Fees

Process fees for any type of civic service offered.

“Every council should have Submit on the agenda. It’s a no brainer.”

Owen LavertyHead of Enterprise and Economics, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Local Enterprise Office

“Submit is a flexible & scalable solution for capturing applications & other information.”

Carole O’LearyRegional Programme Manager for 3rd Level Student Entrepreneurship at Munster Technological University

“A flexible affordable platform with a great support team”

Kelly RyanOperations Director at Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Centre

“A great grants application management system”

Raed MadanatMentor & Lead Facilitator
Team using Submit.com software in the office

Manage Internal Forms

Field Operations

Keep all reports in one secure location, everything from inspections and audits to fleet and safety management.

Human Resources

Reduce the administrative effort in internal request forms, performance assessments, job applications, and other HR activities.

Skills Matrix

Collect and analyse staff skills and knowledge as well as their interest in working on assignments using these skills and knowledge.

Equipment Request Applications

Process and manage all request applications from employees for new equipment such as phones, laptops, monitors, etc.

Transform your workflows

A more efficient data management and evaluation process

Example of an online submission in Submit.com’s submission software

All your submission uploads in one place — everything from videos to images, documents to cloud links.


Make better decisions with our quick view and instant access to individual submissions.


Take quick actions on submissions with easy to use shortcuts.

Workflow automations

Automate repetitive administration tasks. Automatically sort and filter applications, send notification messages, move applicants between stages and much more using manual and auto-tagging.

Cloud sharing and file uploads

Accept all traditional file upload formats and link to files with cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo giving you the freedom to request any content.

Bulk messaging

Safely and securely update with status notifications and reminders sent via email right from within the platform.

Effortless Workflow Oversight & Data Management

Benefit from real-time data and generate audit trails

Submit.com - Government submission software interface


Easily create custom reports to analyse any type of data. Filter submissions by criteria to quickly identify the data you require.

File exports

Easily share your data with others via CSV and PDF exports. Generate Excel-ready exports making archiving, reporting, and auditing simple.

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Trusted by leading organisations worldwide