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Automatic Scoring and Tagging

Automation can ensure that time is not wasted on repetitive tasks

Submit.com’s submission software interface


Assign tags to applications automatically based on answers provided by candidates. Submit allows you to build your own library of tags for each program. Tags are incredibly useful for filtering applications, group messaging candidates based on a tag or quickly generating reports.


Build automatic assessment criteria into any form to help you quickly evaluate submissions. Assign points to applications based on answers provided by candidates. These scores are automatically tallied and can be sorted by highest or lowest score. This allows you to view a league table of applications in order of quality before you even start to review them.

Auto reject

Quickly filter out unsuitable submissions with auto-reject questions within the application form. Specify the answer that will cause an application to be automatically rejected on a range of question types. Answering these will automatically send a candidate an auto-reject email with a “rejected” tag applied to their application.

User Scoring and Tagging

In addition to the automated assessment, most programs will also require input from your team in the assessment process. Submit provides all the tools you need to do this efficiently.

Weighted score bars

Create as many score bars as needed for each program. Assign a different weight to each score bar to ensure that key criteria are given due credit. Each person that needs to score applications then assigns their scores to the applications being assessed. Submit automatically tallies up the scoring totals for each application giving you an overall average score based on the team’s contributions.


Each of the team can comment on applications. Comments are a great place for the reviewing team to discuss an application, they are also a great place to log offline communication with the candidate. Comment privacy can be changed as required so feedback can be provided to the candidate via this feature. All comments are automatically timestamped.


In addition to Auto-Tags, you can manually add tags to applications as they are assessed. New tags can be created for each program and can be applied to applications to categorise them or to move them through stages of the review process.

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