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Create engaging and interactive forms

Creating a form is quick and easy with our platform

Branch logic

Streamline the application process by dynamically changing the application questions based on a candidate’s answers making the process as simple as possible for the candidate.

Cloud sharing

Through integration with major cloud services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo it’s easy to accept any supplementary information from candidates. Everything from documents to photos to videos.


Automate personalised content within your form questions for a personal touch. This is done by using the candidate answer to a previous question as part of a subsequent question.

Automatic Scoring and Tagging

Automation can ensure that time is not wasted on repetitive tasks.


Generate scores or points of qualitative values for specific answers, to help you quickly evaluate submissions.


Automatically tag submissions based on answers applicants give making it easier for you to sort and filter applications.

Auto reject

Quickly filter out unsuitable submissions with auto-reject questions within the application form.

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