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It is no news that technology is evolving and there is an influx of innovative technologies heralding the advancement of the digital age. In response to this, the global industrial landscape is fast integrating the power of modern technology into their operations – thus setting the pace for rapid expansion and fierce.

As a result, there is a highlighted need for the adoption of automated tools in businesses and organizations to stay in the race. In this piece, we examine the various aspects where the application of automated tools like submission management software can be effective.

7 areas where technology can simplify submission management

As an organization expands and turns to an electronic form of document management systems, there is an increasing need to streamline the process of collection, tracking, and management of electronic submissions. 

Using a submission management software eases out the process of managing high volumes of data. Here, we explore some of the key applications of technology to submission management and their benefits:

  1. Human resources management
  2. Asset tracking and monitoring
  3. Course management
  4. Web design and analytics
  5. Event and competition management
  6. Grants management
  7. Software and development

1. Human Resources Management

The human resources department is important for every organization. They play a large role in providing and managing some of the top-range resources needed for effective productivity. 

Providing the bedrock for companies by delivering services ranging from hiring, training and retaining skilled labor to managing and tracking volumes of data and company resources, it is evident that the place of human resources within an organization is vital to its growth process.

Using the traditional system of management, in this case, can be very challenging especially as the organization grows. Having to sort through existing talent pools (i.e. compilations of resumes submitted) for the right personnel with the perfect skillset to choose or tracking various applications can be daunting. 

Thus, using an application submission software program allows the streamlining of this process. Through the various integrated features such as organization and classification, volumes of data are analyzed at a faster rate.

2. Asset tracking and Monitoring

Property management is another sensitive area that needs careful evaluation and control. This is particularly an area that involves documentation and contractual agreements, which entails the proper monitoring to avoid conflicts and losses. 

This aspect is often characterized by remoteness and the need for mobility which comes from tracking assets in various locations. This is subsequently outlined by the need to process volumes of information and online document submissions which can be difficult.

For instance, having to coordinate various applications for rentals, leases and bookings in various locations can be tasking especially in a short period of time. A submission management system comes in handy by automating the system and acting as a virtual assistant in this variation. 

Technology has advanced that contractual agreements and documentation of clients’ information can be automated through forms automation or smart contracts. These methods enable transparency in transactions and communication. 

A submission management system ensures that assets are easily managed through the organization of relevant data for easy retrieval, timely reminders of all events and control over who has access to the documents.

3. Course Management

Technological evolution has advanced the development of a virtual learning environment where educational technology is applied to various aspects of courses of study within and without educational institutions. 

With content management, communication and administration as some of the crucial aspects of the typical virtual learning environment, it is paramount to employ automated tools to optimize processes. Using a submission management system allows users to track, store and manage access to the various resources available for educational delivery.

This system is characterized by various submissions which encompass high levels of data for analysis. Organizing this form of information and tracking submissions is crucial. Hence, applying automation to this aspect allows these an online submission application to validate submissions and organize data for easy access and referencing whenever the need arises.

4. Web Design and Analytics

One of the major distinguishing features of design companies is the metrics and layers of analysis involved. Web design companies are especially characterized by various moving parts. There is also a high demand for collaborative efforts. Developers, designers, customer relations representative and a host of others need to sync their efforts to be creative.

This means the interoperability of various automated systems to create unique, market-friendly contents are better managed by centralizing various forms of information put on the table by these parties. 

This is exactly the place of SaaS within an organization. A good submission management software acts as SaaS for web design companies by streamlining all data and giving real-time updates on the work progress. 

5. Awards and Competition Management

Running and planning an awards event can be nightmarish if not properly handled. It involves a lot of details and even the minutest of them can shape your event. In this case, having a clear goal of what you want, determining the event’s theme and getting the word out might just not be enough to handle the level of information you’ll have to analyze. 

According to a 2019 event statistics, 81% of event managers agree that people skills and organization are the essential skills every event professional need. About 75% also agreed that time management, flexibility and passion were important skills.

Thus, using an automated solution like an application submission software program helps you to maximize your time and efforts. With this software, you could create an automation application form that allows you to gain information on what you need for the event and streamline your process. 

In the cases of managing a contest or promotional feature for your organization, gaining sufficient insights on the competitors and applicants qualifications and eligibility for the prize is important. 

Through using the process of submission management, you can create and analyze automated forms from a myriad of applicants and manage them all in one place. 

6. Grants Management

Foundations are mostly forced to deal with tons of applications and processing due to the nature of their missions. Also, in most cases, grant-seeking companies are not equipped with skilled labor and time to go through the arduous application process. 

Hence, the need for digital solutions to streamline applications process is very important. A submission management solution improves grant practices by simplifying applications processes by breaking down applications into multiple phases for ease of analysis and transparency.

7. Software and Development

Every software company understands the place of patents in the expansion of their business. Patenting involves a lot of details and moving factors which shifts with every location that could be time-consuming. Thus, one of the tools needed today for software companies is a submission management system.

This system helps companies with contingency planning, simplifying the entire process of applying for patents and organizes their work data to meet up with compliances requirements. Software companies are also associated with the legalities of licensing and collaborative efforts. 

Liaising with an external automated tool like submission management software allows them to increase their productivity and classify all data required for their workflow.

Why is submission management software important?

There is a paradigm shift in global industrial. It highlights the need for the adoption of modern technological solutions to simplify traditional systems of operations. Having an automated tool like a submission management software gives companies the ability to cut back on production hours and assume improved productivity trends.

Thus, by using a submission management software, companies and organizations all across the globe get to modernize their workflow, track their progress, analyze their lags and make adjustments to improve their overall work efficiency.