In the realm of arts and culture, representation and equity remain crucial issues that need to be addressed. Recognizing this, AGE (Age in the Arts) Founder Jane Mantiri created the AGE Legacy Playwright Grants (ALP) to invest in underrepresented artists who have been marginalized due to age, race, and gender. This initiative aims to increase the representation of BIPOC playwrights aged 40 and above, specifically those of marginalized gender. AGE’s commitment to social justice in the arts led them to leverage the grant management platform to efficiently and effectively manage their grants. This case study explores how supports AGE in realizing their vision of creating a more equitable and inclusive American Theatre.

The ALP Grant: Empowering Underrepresented Artists

Plays produced and directed by BIPOC artists of marginalized gender are often underrepresented on Broadway and national theatre platforms. This lack of representation perpetuates a cycle of exclusion and negatively impacts the artistic journeys of these individuals. AGE recognized the need for change and established the ALP Grant to directly invest in artists and their narratives.

By awarding three playwrights with individual unrestricted grants of $10,000 each, AGE ensures that the recipients have agency over their creative journeys. Traditionally, grant funding comes with stringent conditions and restrictions, which can disempower recipients. AGE challenges this norm by entrusting the recipients with the freedom to determine how best to utilize the grant money to advance their artistic endeavors.

Equity through Agency

AGE understands the historical layers of oppression, trauma, and disempowerment faced by BIPOC individuals of marginalized gender. To practice true equity, AGE aims to create an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals. Granting agency to the recipients is at the heart of their equity approach. Streamlining the Grant Management Process

To effectively manage the ALP Grants and ensure a fair and transparent selection process, AGE turned to, a comprehensive grant management platform. provides AGE with the tools and features necessary to streamline their application, review, and selection process.

1. Streamlined Applications: allows AGE to design and customize an online application form tailored to their specific requirements. Applicants can easily access the form, submit their materials, and provide necessary documentation, ensuring a seamless experience.

2. Efficient Review Process: The platform enables AGE to assemble a diverse panel of reviewers to evaluate applications objectively. The panel can access and review submissions online, providing their feedback and ratings within the platform. This streamlined process saves time and eliminates the need for manual document sharing and coordination.

3. Transparent Selection: facilitates transparent communication between AGE and applicants throughout the entire process. The platform enables automated notifications and updates, ensuring that applicants are informed about the progress of their application.

4. Data Analysis and Reporting: generates comprehensive reports and analytics, allowing AGE to gain insights into the demographics and overall impact of their grant program. This data helps AGE evaluate the effectiveness of their initiatives and make informed decisions for future funding cycles.

Impact and Future Outlook

Through the ALP Grants and their partnership with, AGE is actively working towards changing the equity landscape of the American Theatre canon. By providing financial support and agency to BIPOC playwrights of marginalized gender, AGE aims to increase their representation and amplify their voices.

The success of the ALP Grants is evident in the stories and works produced by the recipients. AGE continues to witness and invest in the professional journeys of these playwrights, fostering an environment that empowers and celebrates their achievements.

Moving forward, AGE and will continue their collaboration to refine and enhance the grant management process. By leveraging technology and innovative solutions, AGE strives to set an example for other arts organizations, inspiring them to prioritize equity and representation in their grant programs. Together, AGE and are working towards a more inclusive and diverse arts community that values and uplifts underrepresented voices.

The impact of the ALP Grants extends beyond the financial support provided to the recipients. By investing in BIPOC playwrights of marginalized gender, AGE is actively challenging the existing power structures within the American Theatre. These grants not only offer opportunities for artistic growth but also serve as a platform for these playwrights to share their unique perspectives and stories with a wider audience.

The collaboration with has been instrumental in streamlining the grant management process for AGE. The platform’s user-friendly interface and efficient features have significantly reduced administrative burdens, allowing AGE to focus more on supporting the artists and fostering an equitable environment. With the help of, AGE can ensure that the selection process remains fair and transparent, enabling artists to have confidence in the integrity of the program.

Furthermore,’s data analysis and reporting capabilities have provided AGE with valuable insights into the impact of their grant program. By understanding the demographics and outcomes of their initiatives, AGE can continuously evaluate and improve their strategies, ensuring they are effectively addressing the underrepresentation of BIPOC playwrights of marginalized gender.

Looking ahead, AGE and are committed to ongoing collaboration and improvement. Together, they will continue refining the grant management process, incorporating feedback from recipients and stakeholders to make it even more inclusive and accessible. AGE also aims to expand the reach and impact of their grants, forging partnerships with other organizations and inspiring a broader movement towards equity and representation in the arts.

Through the AGE Legacy Playwright Grants and their partnership with, AGE is making significant strides towards creating a more equitable and inclusive American Theatre. By empowering underrepresented artists and leveraging innovative grant management solutions, AGE is reshaping the landscape of the arts community, amplifying diverse voices, and inspiring positive change for generations to come.

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