As technology changes and accelerates at an even faster pace around the world, there will always be new elements that have to be shown with examples of how they work and can be implemented.

How to protect against similar outcomes in the future is something that many companies, organisations, schools and various businesses in the world are adapting for now. It speaks to a kind of resilience in the new digital world in allowing decisions to be implemented by data. This in turn helps to understand a company’s motivation and prospects with detailed plans and framework in how to map out the future.

Going back six months ago, not even to the beginning of the year, and it’s fair to say the global business world looked radically different. The evolution of remote working has helped cope somewhat with the impact of the pandemic, with most organisations having to suddenly adjust their respective business models and methods in everyday operations. This is in effect for everything from entrepreneurs to Banks, live streaming concerts and even schools depending on their base.

The pandemic has only hastened some of the innovative business models and how they adapt with major shifts in power and the technology we will talk more about. The innovation portal has a similar place alongside the banks, corporations and infrastructural elements which have adapted in this connected world.

Submit has implemented this by using our innovation portal to help companies benefit such as IGNITE and The Next Web amongst many others.

Adapting to a new digital frontier for data

To summarise the movement to date, the role that technology plays in our lives is now more important and essential than ever. It will continue to be the case as economies around the world emerge from lockdown at different levels of capacity.

With that in mind, any successful transformation in the digital sense is a result of many aspects in the background of clear management, developing talent and again planning for future innovation.  Similarly, a strengthened effort and the best chance of networking is a way to ensure information continues to be accessed and used correctly.

While the benefits of digitisation are clear, and there will be more examples discussed here, developing a business case and addressing the size of the transformation opportunity required can seem a bit off putting at first.

When crafting a strategy for adapting to digital, it is always a great idea to make sure that a balance is made between staff, the process itself, technology, the applications and data.

A review from the Harvard business CEO and executive survey from 2019 showed that whilst this transformation to digital was the main focus for so many businesses, 70% of those initiatives do not reach their goals.

Which is why it’s so important to emphasise the mentioned qualities above while addressing customer demands, solutions and maintaining the innovative approach to work.

Submit and the resilience factor in our systems

This goes to show that new technologies and digital functions are the key to creating and maintaining innovative solutions. Although technology has been a key contributor to all of the movement, the real key focus of a successful program is in realising the model in the way it is used alongside the data, the process itself and how people interact and network.

Collaboration is also critical to digital transformation, particularly with remote working helping to rapidly transition, and leading companies to look to innovation more than ever. Digitisation and automation have accelerated as a result of the pandemic, and will obviously play a huge part in the growth for 2021 and beyond.

The new approach in the future of business will be aided by the ability to collect, organise and analyse different data at an efficient speed. As a result of the changes in work and routine, many of the models previously used have come to seem unfocused, and out of date, maybe even unreliable.

Submit takes this approach to real time and secure data across all forms, and the systems used are rapidly becoming the new standard. The information can be verified and stored effectively and securely, remaining accessible for further thought at any point in time.

This attention to detail is clear in the technical layout of the innovation portal, more of which can be read here.

Case study and reasons to be optimistic for the future

One case study specific to customer experiences at Submit is that of the Global Enterprise Summit focused as they are on all things innovative regarding new technology and start-ups. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs around the world form relationships and partnerships with potential investors. The entrepreneurs can attend the enterprise summit, and from there a chosen few are invited to participate and get in-depth experience in business relations.

Prior to the pandemic, there was a frequent disconnect between an organisation’s analysis and in the different ways that strategies are prioritised. Now, even non-digitally native companies are beginning to realise that having accurate and timely data or information can form the mainframe of all ongoing business.

As The global enterprise team member Carolina Lapa notes about the partnership; ‘’(Submit) did a wonderful job finding solutions to last-minute issues. In our experience working with innovative companies, that’s by far the most important step towards a successful future.

Arguably, the most important aspect of any flexible business is in ensuring that the employees remain productive in driving for constant reinvention, irrespective of the environment and serving as a foundation for future success. Having such dynamic teams is often the most effective and accessible way to build this type of resilience into business operations.

When supported with the right technologies, flexibility can serve as a springboard for rapid innovation, while enabling businesses to really understand their customers and helping the workforce to progress forward and meet changing needs.

What remains unchanged are customer expectations for exceptional experiences. Companies need to be flexible in order to continue delivering this in any business dynamic. That is something we look to provide and promote here at Submit.

If your company is looking to streamline business, workflow or review process, please talk to one of our solutions specialists today. There you’ll find the offer of a free trial and other information to progress forward, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who are ready to help at all times!

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