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It could reasonably be expected that the majority of companies and operations are now using adaptable technology in some way or another, particularly in the era of COVID-19.  There are within this both opportunities and potential pitfalls to be considered. On the subject of Enterprise boards in Ireland, we will look at a few recent developments in their particular line of focus. Funding, development and awareness are aspects that the government have recently announced regarding new expansion and, in many areas, recovery. This new support should hopefully assist businesses and companies with the challenges that lie ahead in the long term. There are still a number of topics to discuss with regards to what comes next, and how these groups can do more to embrace the changes coming.

The age of technology and why digitisation matters

Going further back in time, this matter of technology has always been a topic of importance. The acceleration in the last ten to fifteen years in particular has been remarkable, and has given endless choice in terms of what can be possible. From the customer’s point of view, they can now order and purchase items from the comfort of their own home, and have continued to do so throughout this pandemic. Businesses are competitive by nature, and even with some help regarding funding, any point which gives a possible advantage has to be considered.

Therefore, the importance of enterprise boards for nurturing and giving businesses confidence is even more crucial now. The impact of the pandemic has seen a lot of individual and small-scale businesses decimated, so the fact that funds have been set up to sustain and boost funds is a hugely welcome development.

In order to avail of this support, a digital outlook can make progress so much faster and the process to apply for and receive funds so much easier. There are various steps and conditions into which businesses are categorised, for example those that would be eligible for the relief aid would have to be acknowledging that the boost is needed as a direct result of the pandemic itself.

Digitised platforms would make the enterprise board’s system easier to process these kinds of queries and questions rapidly. It would also be able to provide assistance and information regarding requirements in quick succession, rather than starting the process of a back and forth chain e-mail discussion.

Enterprise boards; helping businesses plan and manage in a crisis

There is an interesting comparison to be made between when the enterprise boards were first set up many years ago, as unemployment was then high, and how their importance has been stable up to the current global pandemic. They were initially formed to inspire economic development and confidence in correlation with local councils, and now this has never been more vital as the next logical steps are unclear at the present time.

The main goal of these enterprises is always to restore the practicality of a number of businesses trying to restructure and innovate in difficult times. With a well outlined, clear plan this can be achieved in a good space of time, and the window that is available for companies to return on that goodwill is quite manageable, and reasonable. The organisations would then ask the businesses about future planning, how their products could be developed or changed, and who their potential customers could be if they lose current ones.

 Some introspection is key here, as the companies would need to ask themselves about these possibilities even after the funds have been provided to necessitate the restart. A unique angle and how the product itself could make money, while keeping in line with aspects like lower production costs, would also give advantages over competitors.

The amount of funds varies depending on the size of the business itself, and the particular rules and regulations are available in more detail at their direct websites, one example being here

Case study:  Dun Laoghaire Rathdown enterprise office, a Submit client

There are a number of different enterprise groups and establishments throughout the country which strive to aid local businesses as much as possible, and we can focus on one specific example here.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council looks to improve and aid businesses, supporting a number of them ranging from private owners to entrepreneurs and more established organisations. They have streamlined their business application system for the benefit of their operations as well as for the ease of their clients.

Owen Laverty, the head of Enterprise and economics, notes that ‘Before we had booklets printed to the size of the yellow pages and sent them out to the EVAC members. Doing it this way meant they didn’t have much time to properly read before meetings. Now I would say the process runs 1000 times faster. We can summarise applications and make better recommendations.’

In line with what was mentioned earlier, the sheer number of applicants for their company could seem overwhelming. With the Submit system in place, elements such as form management and document collection would be streamlined and make life so much easier.

The in-depth discussion of their relationship with Submit can be read here: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council

How it has been implemented so far

Remote working has become more than just an option, in many ways closer to a necessity, and the fact that customers do not need to rely on paper forms helps them out just as well as the employees.

Looking towards how they will implement the financial planning, there have been marked changes and improvements in production. The businesses that were able to digitise prior to the pandemic will be hugely thankful for doing so. Having enterprise boards and organisations which are willing to help out smaller businesses is a crucial part of keeping an economy operational in an unprecedented time.

Therefore, by making their own scale of operations adaptable to a digital front, the result is twofold in helping with costs and organisation. Entrepreneurs will feel relieved in being able to continue their plans with some help towards funds, while mid-level businesses would get a helping push that could be the difference between survival and extinction.

This line from business owners to employee and customer is more crucial than ever, and submit.com is on hand to be the bridge for all of this. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free trial today at or contact Sales@submit.com for more information on our service!

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