We’ve changed our name: Our existing brand’s Platform Avenue, My Audition Stage & Oviware, are now Submit.

When we were founded in 2013, we set out to disrupt the world of traditional online form submissions. We weren’t interested in building yet another form building and management software just for tech-savvy applicants and users. Our platform is made for the end-user first—fast to deploy, easy to use, and versatile enough to work around existing workflows that organisations rely on every day.

As we’ve grown to 3,000 customers with users in over 20 countries, we realised we needed a new identity one that better reflects our mission and product philosophy: to be a different kind of online submission platform. One that has a beautiful user experience yet the most powerful, versatile and intuitive online submission management system. The reality is the end-user experience of online submission, or online forms platforms haven’t evolved in decades. We wanted to re-energise everything about it, from its point of view to its look and feel, to the product itself.

We believe that collecting information online should be as simple as a conversation with a real person, conversations aren’t boring—so why should our online submission software feel dull?

The most significant selling point of our platform is its versatility. It powers a multitude of submission types such as Grant Management, Awards & Competitions, Field Operations & Data Capture, TV Casting, Academic Course Admissionsand many many more. With so many different users, we needed a name that was relatable, memorable, fun, and instantly recognisable the world over.

From the beginning, we knew we needed to commit and invest when we found the right name that encompassed all that we do. Negotiations took over two and a half years but with a final investment of over €150,000 we secured the domain and Submit was born.

The purchase was one of the most significant domain sales worldwide this year, and we believe it to be one of the most expensive ever purchased by an Irish company.

We are 100% confident that the investment will pay for itself in no time as we bring all our brands together, expand our product range and improve marketing under Submit.

Lastly, our team would like to celebrate with all of our customers and partners for bringing us to where we are today. We have huge plans for the future with some major new features and innovations coming to the platform before the end of 2018. This is just the beginning of our commitment to building lasting relationships and changing how organisations collect and manage online submissions. With our new name, we’re beyond excited to keep the journey going.

Patrick Dinneen – CEO