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    A portal to turn innovative ideas from outside and inside the company into new products.

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Source Ideas

We provide a fully customised
open innovation portal and
submission management
platform, which allows members
collaborate with one another.
Any member can submit ideas
and their supporting details to
campaigns and challenges.

Grow your program

Aligned with your corporate
branding and messaging, our
Innovation Portal helps you
to discover new products,
emerging technology and
market opportunities. Gather
great ideas and nuture them
into realities.

Centralised Hub

The platform is a central hub
that connects your team with
industry expertise and protected
technologies. By managing the
entire innovative lifecycle in
one place, all stakeholders are
connected into the innovative
ecosystem of the company.

Nurture the strongest ideas

All the tools and features to manage any program

Source Ideas

Process hundreds or thousands of applications with a modern application process.

Review and Evaluate

Evaluate and score ideas in order to provide valuable feedback for improvement.

Upload pitch decks

Upload and share pitch ideas to be reviewed.

Smart Tagging

Tag submissions automatically or manually to better organize your ideas.

Streamline the selection process

Free up time to focus on what’s important


All your submission uploads in one place — everything from videos to images, documents to cloud links.


Make better decisions with our quick view and instant access to individual submissions.


Take quick actions on submissions with easy to use shortcuts.

Multiphase Submissions

Keep stronger candidates engaged while screening for unsuitable ones with a phased approach to long-form online submissions.


Generate scores or points for specific answers, to help you quickly evaluate submissions.


Automatically tag submissions based on answers applicants give making it easier for you to sort and filter applications.

Generate audit trails

Always maintain a clear overview of your program

Role-based permissions

Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff and external reviewers and maintain audit trails of all actions.

Smart folders

Reduce your administration burden by organising reviews into logical folders. Assign evaluations on a group basis with a single click.

File exports

Easily share your data with others via CSV and PDF exports. Generate Excel-ready exports making archiving, reporting, and auditing simple.

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Innovation | KAUST

Creating an Innovation Portal

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, otherwise known as KAUST, discovered Submit.com when they sought an online solution to help streamline their innovation hub operational process and allow their programme run with remote working during the global pandemic.

Programme admissions | Ignite – UCC

Igniting start-up talent

Submit is the chosen platform of Irish business graduate entrepreneurs incubation programme IGNITE to capture, track, share and assess applications across all their start-up initiatives.