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While the world rolls out the various vaccines available for the coronavirus, it’s still up to us to continue to keep each other safe.

And for businesses that have been permitted to re-open and the lifting of restrictions, there’s still a lot of worry about protecting staff, customers, and visitors from infections. 

In the hospitality sector (and other hard-hit businesses that have high exposure to COVID), that means having to collect contact information from everyone who comes in contact with the premises.

Even the businesses that are not legally required to collect contact information, are now doing so in hopes of minimising the risks, and they’re doing so in the form of contactless check-in systems.

QR codes for contactless check-in

As in any crisis, technology comes to the rescue. 

The pandemic has shaken society to rise up, and we’ve been thrilled to see so many businesses creating innovative solutions to fight the virus. The most recent example is the technology being used for data collections and contact-tracing.

QR codes use a third party app or mobile service to enable contactless check-in to physical premises. That could be in the office workplace, restaurants and bars, shops, banks, businesses looking after vulnerable people, and the health care sector.

Responding to the virus: free QR code tracing from Submit

Here at Submit, we’re dedicated to upholding a few ideals. Some of them are related directly to the service we provided for customers. Others are about the way we treat each other and bring our best selves to work each day.

But the most important (and most relevant) of them all? Being useful.

That’s why we put our resources together to create something we know will be useful to thousands of business owners across the country. It’s easy to use and is making life easier for those trying to keep their business doors open while grappling with the new restrictions.

How does it work?

A QR code is essentially a barcode that can be read by a smartphone camera or a QR reader app (although most people simply scan the code with their phone cameras). 

Once the code is scanned, the user is taken to an online form which also records the exact date and time of the visit into your premises. 

In light of the current pandemic and social restrictions, tracing contact can be a significant help in minimising contact and tracing any contagions. The collected information is used to identify if any visitor, customer or staff member has been in connection with an infected person or if they’ve recently visited a COVID ‘hotspot’ (areas with a high number of cases). 

If it’s found that someone has in fact been in contact with the virus, you’ll be required to disclose the information for contact tracing purposes. 

Start tracing contact now and create a safer working environment

The QR code is very simple yet effective, and anyone can download it to collect contact details in a safe and smart way.

It’s 100% contactless, so you can continue maintaining safe social distance with customers and visitors all day long. 

Here’s how it works:

First, we set up an online form for you to fill out. This only takes a couple of minutes. Then, you’ll receive your personal QR code that you can print out instantly to start using. 

Once you’ve printed your personal QR code, stick it somewhere that’s clearly visible, preferably where visitors will see it either as soon as they enter the premises, or just before. 

Most businesses prefer to place it on the door for visitors to scan before entering, or on the counter or plastic separator (for example, a coffee shop might tape it onto the counter right beside the card machine).

Once visitors scan the QR code, they’ll be taken directly to a brief form where they’ll be asked to enter their contact details. They hit Submit, and that’s all there is to it.

  • 100% contactless
  • Simple to use
  • GDPR compliant
  • Quick and easy form completion for customers and visitors
  • An end-to-end solution for managing customer data
  • Create customised reports to determine exactly who to contact 
  • Send one-to-one or bulk messaging to visitors directly through the app 
  • Peace of mind for business owners 

Start contact tracing: request a demo for your business now 

Getting your personal QR code is easy. Simply sign up for your QR form here and you’ll receive your QR in a few minutes, ready to print.

If you would like to know more about how the QR code works, we’ll be happy to walk you through it. 

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