In the 1920s, H.P. Lovecraft said:

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown

Deciding to change your grant applications or submission process might feel like a monumental task; you have spent time thoughtfully building a grant management system to deliver what you need. Why fix what’s not broken?

When we started looking at the grant management process in 2013, we asked the following questions of our clients

  1. Is the current process simple for applicants?
  2. Is it efficient for administrators?
  3. Is it streamlined for reviewers?
  4. Is sensitive data secure?

What we found was an ageing labour intensive paper-based process which relied on applicants downloading PDF application forms completing offline and posting back to the grant management office.

This wasn’t simple, efficient, streamlined or secure.

We set about intimately understanding, in this case, the Local Enterprise Office workflow for grant applications. Our challenge was to mirror where possible what was working offline and bring it online with additional innovations and efficiencies satisfying each stakeholder needs while saving significant administrative time and costs.

Are you currently researching the switch ? or do you already understand the massive benefits, but your managers & colleagues aren’t yet convinced. Whatever stage you’re at, here are some benefits of making the switch to help bolster your argument.

Applicants First

If your applicants are presented with a process that requires them to download old forms that need to be completed by hand then scanned, then email or mail to return, they may decide to rethink submitting/applying. We have proven that moving your process online you can increase the number of grant applications significantly. We have even built in the ability for applicants to start an application at one time save it as a draft and return to complete it when it suits them. also allows you to see the number of drafts and even allows you to reach out to that draft applicant to offer them support completing the application. This level of transparency was never possible with the old way of just allowing applicants to download a form from your site.

Our clients have also found by using professional grant management software it helps attract professional, better-quality applicants who appreciate the convenience & accessibility of a digital interface.

Save valuable time encourages regular feedback sessions with our clients, and through this, we have learned that our grant management software has saved up to 17,493 work hours a year for some of our clients.

Your time is best spent with your clients maximising their chances for success. With a digital submission system like you don’t have to worry about manually tracking applications, emails or regularly troubleshooting human error, Oviware saves you valuable time significantly reducing admin and support effort, allowing you to concentrate on the high-level priorities that will fuel you and your clients succeed.

Significantly enhance communication

How many times has it happened to you that the communication piece of your application process has broken down into areas such as

  • The physical post went missing.
  • Email addresses misspelt or going into spam
  • Applications only partially or incorrectly completed

Grant management application software such as can significantly reduce these errors by securely centralising the whole process online.

Another significant benefit to Grant management application software is the collaboration tools that allow reviewers, third-party committee members, external mentors and administrators access the system securely anytime and anywhere, and share notes, apply labels give detailed feedback on applications and communicate with all parties all without leaving the platform. No more email back-and-forth, long group meetings, or searching for review notes.

You can also quickly and quickly update applicants throughout the process. Automated communication eliminates time spent manually providing status updates for every application, while preventing applicants from feeling “kept in the dark”—a real win-win.

Security, Compliance & Data Protection

When we set out to build security and data protection was always at the core of how we structured the app. One of the major flaws with a manual grant application process is the use and sharing of physical paper applications. In some cases, these forms hold very sensitive personal information which you as the Data controller has legal responsibility for.

With the introduction of GDPR on the 25th of May, the requirements on you the data controller of all that grant application information is significant. It raises a lot of questions

  • Can you continue to use paper?
  • Can you continue to share sensitive grant applications with external reviewers via post?
  • Where does the paper forms end up?
  • Are they physically locked away in the office at the external reviewer’s place of business?

Having a secure online grant management application system significantly reduces your risk to all of the above. We have decided to take it even further and have spent the past six months in consultation with data protection specialists building additional layers of data protection security and transparency into our system as well as changes to our forms to make sure all information gathered is compliant with GDPR regulations.


No two clients of are the same. They have different workflows but what all our clients have in common is the requirement for flexibility from a grant management application system. We will always work with every client to make sure their workflow is replicated and only ever improved upon using our online grant management application system.

Are you ready to

Streamline your workflow?
Radically improve and professionalise your communications?
Are you ready for positive change?

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