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It was inevitable that businesses and corporations alike would digitise and move their respective content online, in the last two decades particularly. However, the rate at which this then occurred was unprecedented, and they were joined by less obvious organisations such as libraries, schools, internet buy and sell stores…to the point that it’s getting harder to find what is not online in some capacity by 2020.

With all of that in mind, it’s crucial to think of how much data and irreplaceable information is out in the greater world wide web to be accessed at any given time. That is why the question of security is such a vital one, what can businesses like Submit do to ensure customers that their personal information is protected at all times?

Security measures and detail from

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was originally implemented in May 2018. The majority of organisations that dealt with any form of data had to then ensure that they were in compliance with these new regulations. Luckily, and there is specific customer reference information available on our website here, Submit was very prepared for this specific change.

Six months of preparation and consultation had been spent conferring with data protection specialists, and from this point the backup system expanded greatly in terms of secure measures. Specifically, what was added helped build layers of data protection as well as transparency, and an update of the forms to ensure that the information collected all met the standards required.

Talking about how this is infinitely more secure than a custom-built system, if a data breach were to occur then there would be a very different outcome without these layers. Any person who has lost information online can attest to how horrible it feels, so the fact that the software here is monitored and encrypted is the kind of luxury that frankly is worth anything to save a vital project or portfolio!

The ownership of your data, and minimising unwanted access or spam

While the storage itself is in a European location specifically, all of the information that is stored with us at Submit are absolutely your own assets (as they should be, of course!). This includes everything from documents, files, media uploads, forms and any notes submitted, information that will never be shared or changed by anybody aside from you, the owner. The specifics of the technical information can also be read in detail throughout the submit website, but suffice to say that there are also further options for additional security. The back-ups themselves are done frequently, with screenshots of the information taken each day.

It is also worth specifying how this is equally of use to individual owners of the data, as well as clients in charge of information for hundreds of operations.

One notable case study here is that of ‘Treepro’, a company that is, conveniently for this topic, based in tree management services for both commercial and industrial practices.

Managing director Francis O’ Driscoll notes that ‘Treepro came from 100% paper-based system, so moving our remote employee’s compliance process online was daunting. With the guidance and support from the team at Submit, we have transferred to a fully digital solution. The results being we are more efficient and compliant.’

Indeed, while the movement of all the company’s input would have initially seemed off putting or even risky, with a clear demonstration of the process Treepro came onboard. Keeping their records safe and accurate is one of the many benefits that Submit has provided to their company, as well as many other clients in various professions.

Modern security and safety in times of the pandemic

Another important talking point within the realm of security is also that of safety. While much has been made of the covid-19 pandemic and how companies are tackling this as best as they can, digital security is a massive part of this. As events have led to disorganisation and confusion, this could be one area where the risk is lessened greatly, leading to more productivity and overall well-being in the office or on site.

The guidelines are numerous and do need to be followed in detail, particularly in work that takes place outdoors in construction sites or anything related to service that would specifically require constant social distancing.

Submit would work with all of these aspects mentioned above, to ensure that everything is communicated accurately and clearly.

Safety naturally comes into play when talking about screening employees, monitoring health and well-being, as well as their physical capabilities for more strenuous work. Keeping track of these rules requires extra documents, forms, print outs and information in various forms that would need to be updated constantly.

Among the advantages with collecting and digitising this brand of information is the fact that companies can then focus on their own mandate of safety, and making employees’ health a priority. Removing the need for physical documentation would also remove the potential of direct transmission from constant contact with others.

Submit would make it a specific guarantee that any and all of these documents would be taken care of transparently and professionally.

Planning for the future and getting in touch with Submit

Within any different industry or profession, some of which we’ve talked about here such as construction for example, the digitisation of the working world does not discriminate.

Every business will use forms, documents, planning material in some form or another, so the fact that these plans are already in motion means that the message is much the same for every professional. These plans could be in use for some time in the future, so the timing for an update has never been so apparent. While every specific office, company and business will have different aspects to focus on, the benefits will broadly be the same throughout. It may take time to get used to, as with all things relatively new, but feeling secure is the goal at the end of the day.

Submit is dedicated to any questions of safety and security, both for our existing customers as well as any potential new clients at any given time.  Our team is always on hand and easily accessible to provide help and any useful information with regards to system and procedural questions, and also to help give a sense of ease about the process. Particularly in this ever changing and unusual time, it’s good to have reassurance and an organisation that will work directly with you, especially in terms of clear messaging and in helping to aid the flow of your business.

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