Multiphase Applications

We know that both creating and filling out an application form can be intimidating. Luckily, Submit makes it easy for you and the applicant.

Firstly, we’re going to talk about some of the ways you can collect more information from your applicants using phase submissions in the Submit platform. We make it easy to keep everything together in the one system. We have seen this work across industries. It doesn’t matter if you manage grants, awards, or scholarships, you will take something valuable away.

Multiphase submissions

Filling out a long form can be time-consuming. Often it’s better to break up your application form into multiple phases. Multiphase applications make it easier for your team to screen applicants more efficiently. This allows you to progress or remove applicants quickly.  Moreover, multiple steps also enable the applicant to send the most relevant information at each stage of the application.

Progress reports for grant applications

You can request updates on budgets and finance for beneficiaries. These updates are particularly helpful for business grant management. By adding phases to your application, you can keep all original data and new information together.

Collecting payment

Say your collecting applications for a paid event. Clients tell us about their struggles with getting applicants to fully apply when payment is involved. However, we have seen an increase in registration completion by obtaining required information first. In this example, you can confirm that the payment is successfully processed before you request more information. You can then use the second phase after payment is approved for questionnaires, medical information, surveys and much more.

Conduct a survey

You can create a new phase for your applicant to complete a survey. Say you would like to determine the demographic data of your applicants. Similarly, you may want to give applicants an avenue to supply feedback on your process. All of this information will be available to access on Submit along with the applicant’s previous information provided.

Request a video interview

Hundreds of thousands of applications go through Submit annually. Over the years, we have learned that a video interview question in the first part of the form can be off-putting for an applicant. It almost guarantees their applications stays in drafts.  However, having a video interview as your second phase may increase the likelihood an applicant will complete their form. By doing this, you may also increase the probability that an applicant would our complete the video interview as they would feel like they are progressing through the application process.

If you think it’s time to streamline your online submission process or you’re interested in more ways to modernise your current workflow and review process, talk to one of our senior solutions specialists today who will guide you through the process to see if Submit is the right fit for you.