Get more personal

Collect + connect with VideoQ

Meet the real person behind the application using intuitive pre-recorded video interview question, improving your evaluation and decision-making process helping you connect in a more personal way.


Get closer to your applicants

Connect with the person behind an application with our pre-recorded video submission question.

What is it ?

It’s like an interview without an interviewer. Applicants self-record video answers to your pre-set questions allowing you to gain insights you wouldn’t usually. They’re also known as one-way interviews.

How does it work ?

You pre-set the questions concerning a specific application and candidates record their answers through their webcam or smartphone directly into our software. Once a candidate submits their entire application, you can then review it all (including the video!) in the application summary dashboard.

Why consider it ?’s video interview question types currently enable our clients to collect better and evaluate their applications. We’ve seen it used by clients dealing in grant applications, award entries, academic submissions, and even TV talent casting. It provides useful insights that can’t be gleaned from words on a screen alone.

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