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How Digital Award Ceremonies Continue To Thrive Online

This is undoubtedly a worrying time for most professionals, not least in circles where participants and awarding hosts are concerned regarding ventures that are looking to go forward. How to manage award presentations and ceremonies and whether they can go ahead is a question that is now being posed by the minute within the industry. […]

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Why Should You Consider Using Pre-Recorded Video Questions?

Submit is an incredibly versatile online submission system with tons of different question types. We’ve got multiple-choice, file upload and even digital signature. However, probably the least understood question type is our pre-recorded video questions or VideoQ. Applicants self-record video answers to your pre-set questions on your form. VideoQ allows you to meet the real […]

We’ve Given Our Workspaces A Lick Of Paint

Ensuring candidates enjoy a smooth experience is an absolute must for our clients. Their hard work devising workflows need to be enhanced by a robust and modern candidate workspace. After all, it’s the place where candidates will carefully craft their applications. You want it to at least look appealing. That’s why we decided to give […]

Single Sign-On (SSO) Is The Latest Addition To Submit’s Feature Toolbox

You asked and, we listened. Submit now offers social login support to clients on the Start, Create and Pro pricing plans while Enterprise clients can now enjoy complete custom Enterprise level single sign-on (SSO) support. What is single sign-on (SSO)? Single sign-on (SSO) is a way to enable single-click credentials and secure identity verification while […]

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The Problem With Free Online Form Builders

You might think those free online form builders are working for your awards programs. Sure, you might be collecting applications simply enough. But, if you need to do anything complicated with that information? Good luck! Are you demonstrating the very best of your program to candidates? Does the page feel outdated? Are entrants constantly emailing […]

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3 Sure-Fire Tips To Decrease Unqualified Applications

No matter what type of application you’re receiving, you’ve more than likely come across a fair share of ill-suited candidates. We see it for managers of grants, awards, scholarships, and even TV talent casting. For some of our clients, this can be a relatively harmless annoyance. A client recently told us about a recruitment application […]

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Best practices of effective grantmakers

Regardless of a fund’s grantmaking capacity, culture or history, there are likely some elements of grantmaking that are unlikely to ever go out of style. Despite digital advancements, the process of conceptualising your mission, assessing your ability to achieve this mission and ultimately deciding which organisations to support has mostly remained unchanged. However, as the […]


5 essential features of an online awards management software

As you know, running an awards program is rewarding but can be incredibly complex. Particularly at scale. There is a horde of online awards management software out there vying for your attention. Finding the right one for your organisation can transform your awards program. Provided they have the right features. Essentially, the software you choose […]

3 easy ways to improve your application submission process

Whether you manage awards, grants, scholarships, or other programs, using an online solution to manage application intake and review saves time and effort. That’s a given! However, how can you make sure you’re setting up an efficient workflow process from day one? Sometimes the best insight comes from those that have been there before. We have […]

Why move your grant management process online?

In the 1920s, H.P. Lovecraft said: The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown Deciding to change your grant applications or submission process might feel like a monumental task. You have thoughtfully built a grant management system to deliver what you […]


5 Ways Submit Will Save You Time

When was the last time you left work frustrated by a tedious manual task that took the entire day? You arrive a coffee-fueled go-getter but depart a dejected drone facing an unyielding commute. And to make it worse, it starts raining the moment you leave. If you’re still using a labor-intensive paper process or relying […]


5 benefits of a grant management system

Have you ever asked yourself just how many reams of paper it can take to keep on top of funding? Are you feeling suffocated by ceiling-high stacks of grant applications? Do you know how much of your day you spend on administrative tasks? As it turns out, an online grant management system can make those […]

How does your online form stack up?

Having applications available to complete online can be a massive help. Its a much easier way for applicants to submit materials. It’s convenient and allows organisations to collect information in one central location. In 2018, if you aren’t offering the ability to apply online then don’t expect many applications. However, having the foresight to have […]