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7 tips for stress-free awards event management

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You’ve decided to run an event to celebrate your awards. Or maybe it’s been decided for you. In any case, it’s going ahead, and it’s actually closer than you think. But where do you start? What do you need to do? This process can…
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6 questions you need to ask of a TV casting software

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Have you been convinced? Is it time to move to a fully featured TV casting software solution? Are you finally sick of wasting time, financial resources, workforce and all the other little issues with your casting process? You might have…
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Best practices of effective grantmakers

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Regardless of a fund's grantmaking capacity, culture or history, there are likely some elements of grant-making that are unlikely to ever go out of style. Despite digital advancements, the process of conceptualising your mission, assessing…
Multiphase Applications

Multi-phase submissions, proven way to collect more information

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We know that both creating and filling out an application form can be intimidating, but makes it easy for you and the applicant. We’re going to talk about some of the ways you can collect more information from your applicants using…

3 easy ways to improve your application submission process

Whether you manage grants, scholarships, internships, fellowships or other programs, using an online solution to manage application intake and review saves time and effort. That’s a given! However, how can you make sure you’re setting up…
Automate grant management admin

5 ways will save you time in 2019

When was the last time you left work frustrated by a tedious manual task that took the entire day? You arrive a coffee-fueled go-getter but depart a dejected drone facing an unyielding commute. And to make it worse, it starts raining the moment…

How does your online form stack up ?

Having applications available to complete online can be a massive help to both organisations offering application opportunities, and to those applying. Its a much easier way for applicants to submit materials, its convenient, and allows organisations…
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Are you suffering from the affliction of incomplete applications?

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Applications have changed significantly over time, and are now used for almost every type of program or position that requires a selection process. However, with so many factors at play, applicants are less likely than ever to complete the application…

You’re ready to move your application online… but where do you start

Congratulations! If you’re thinking of moving your application online, you’ve already made the first step towards a more accessible and more efficient process. Whether you manage a grant, graduate program, award or another program, online…