Is your Grant Making Process Free From Implicit Bias? It Might Be Time For A Gut Check

Is Your Grant Making Process Free From Implicit Bias? It Might Be Time For A Gut Check

Our own life experiences impact how we view the world. If you’re a grantmaker or in charge of dedicating funds to programmes, consider what that means for your selection process. When the applications are underway and the reviewing process…

6 Fundamental Tips For Rapid-Response Grantmaking

With so many communities around the world currently facing urgent needs, more grantmakers are adding rapid-response practices to their list of priorities. The grant management process is a complex one. It’s multi-layered, multi-phased…
Enterprise Board

Enterprise Boards; Being Ready For The Future

It could reasonably be expected that the majority of companies and operations are now using adaptable technology in some way or another, particularly in the era of COVID-19.  There are within this both opportunities and potential pitfalls… philanthropy management software

How Philanthropy Is Being Shaped Differently By COVID-19

A number of corporations have stepped up efforts greatly throughout this pandemic, at a time where many aspects of life are under threat globally. The world has been greatly affected by the menace of COVID-19, and it is of the utmost…

9 Tips For Hosting A Virtual Awards Ceremony During COVID-19

The sheer thought of hosting an awards ceremony in our current climate might make a few people run for cover, but in true Submit spirit, this is all about re-evaluating, rethinking and adapting. Virtual events have been popular since way…

Education In The Digital Future

A lot has been mentioned about the opportunities for business, innovative advances in technology, and how a number of entrepreneurs have accelerated their start-ups this past year. Less of a focus in the news is how education is changing, not…

6 Essential Elements Of Absolutely Any Application Form

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An application that’s too long, too boring and too demanding can make even the most ambitious candidate snooze. A student applying for university, a small organisation applying for a grant, or a citizen applying for a civil licence—it…

Open vs Closed Innovation: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Innovation isn’t as simple as it once was.  It’s an extraordinary time for businesses to explore digital change, and the demand for creativity is accelerating. But for early-stage startups or businesses who are starting to explore…
positive culture

How To Create A Culture Of Innovation: 8 Fundamental Steps

Every company wants an innovative culture.  But beyond the title what does an innovative culture actually look like in real life? To answer that, we need to look at what company culture really means. “Company culture” has become…

The Future Of Higher Education In A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has turned higher education upside down on its head.  With its closures and openings, and part closures, then further openings, students and teachers around the country are frustrated—and rightly so. But rather than…
Is Your Process Old-School? Start Automating These 5 Tasks For Your Next Review

Grant Management: Embracing The Changes

The subject of grants management has recently come in for a lot of debate in the last number of years, in terms of how it is such a rewarding, but also developing job. Recently that used to mean a lot of manual tracking, write ups, paper…
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These 7 Grant Management Mistakes Will Cost You Big Time

The common goal of any funder is that organisations awarded with the grant do what they proposed, within the required budget, and generate some positive press in return. And while the world of philanthropy doesn’t always go according to… incubators

6 Non-Negotiable Questions To Ask When Choosing An Incubator Programme

How can you spot a successful incubator programme?  The focus of an incubator is to replicate the kind of real-world business support that stretches way beyond what you might learn in business school. There are no exam questions or…

5 Signs Your Grant Management Process Is Broken (And How To Fix it)

Grantmaking is a ‘learn on the fly’ endeavour, and unless you’ve been doing it for decades, you likely rely on trial and error methods to get the work done. But building the grant is only half the battle. When the applications roll…

Benefits Of The Innovation Portal

As technology changes and accelerates at an even faster pace around the world, there will always be new elements that have to be shown with examples of how they work and can be implemented. How to protect against similar outcomes in the…
Should Small Companies Care About CSR? An Honest Answer

Should Small Companies Care About CSR ? An Honest Answer

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When you think of CSR, do you automatically think of huge enterprises like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Disney or LEGO?  Sustainable business practices are being pursued and promoted by businesses of all sizes—even the itty bitty tiny…
grant management

Here’s How To Streamline All 3 Phases Of The Grant Cycle

When it comes to philanthropy, funders have almost as much administrative work as the actual grantmaking itself.  And while you can’t remove any aspects of the planning, implementation and management process, you can certainly streamline…

The 3 Types Of Innovation Every Business Needs To Know

Innovation has become such a buzzword in recent years that it’s hard to remember what it actually means. Companies often declare ‘we need to start innovating!’ or more commonly, ‘we are an innovative company’—but what does that…
Accelerators And Incubators

How Accelerators And Incubators Can Continue Dominating Through The Pandemic

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There is a lot of negativity in the world today, so let’s focus instead on the potential for positives within a crisis. One area that we could refer to here is in entrepreneurs, and that all-important development of new business. Ignoring…
incubators in Ireland, accelerators in Ireland

Calling All Startups! Top 10 Incubator & Accelerator Programmes In Ireland

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Ireland has some of the best incubator and accelerator programmes in Europe, but before you consider applying for one, it’s important to know the difference between the two: Incubators  Incubators are generally for new companies.…
future accelerators incubators

The Current Impact And Future Of Incubators And Accelerators

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A lot has been written about the social and economic fallout from the events of this year, and the same is true for the output and plans for most businesses worldwide. With the pandemic pushing back countless deadlines, plans and projects,…
talent casting

Talent Casting Using Submit: Customer Stories

Here at Submit, we constantly strive to build a platform that’s simple yet as powerful as possible for our customers. That means taking the lengthy, multi-layered phases of a review and turning it into a smart, intuitive and streamlined process…

Corporate Social Responsibility; More Vital Than Ever

The question of Corporate Social Responsibility has been one raised and debated more than ever given the present circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. This is a way of talking about how a given company has an impact upon communities, while…
start up innovation

Innovation In Boosting Start-Ups, Making Work Transparent And Efficient

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It is true that great start-ups and professional non-profit organisations alike want to have a positive impact in today’s world, while doing the best job possible to attract the finest talent to do so. While non-profits may have a clear…
Academia Submissions

Academia And The Ever-Changing Face Of Form Submissions

The industry of education is continuously changing at this point in the 21st century, and given the events surrounding the global pandemic, this will clearly not slow down any time soon. With regards to life in the academic surroundings, predominantly…

Video Application Questions; Making Them The Right Way!

In terms of an application process, the subject of ‘video questions’ is one that can be so useful in terms of timing and planning. How to do it in the right way in terms of engagement and how to get the attention of potential employers…

Grant Management Systems Focus: Philanthropy

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From the beginning of the year 2020, it’s fair to say nobody could have imagined the trials that the world would face. These are as much in health and various economies, as they are in regards to the constant disparity that those in underserved…

How Innovation And Creativity Can Be Maintained In This Climate

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Many companies are beginning to benefit from a necessary change of approach in the current predicament. The reason being, a reluctance to change in the past has now become forced, and because of this a lot of ‘outside the box’ thinking…
Granular permissions, teams, working from home

Working From Home Made Easier With Submit; Granular Team Permissions To Suit Any Structure And Workflow

With working from home accelerating to such a level that would never have been imagined pre-2020, it’s a good time to look at aspects of how this can all be managed. How the nature of the job itself flows is always a different matter, but…
Is Your Process Old-School? Start Automating These 5 Tasks For Your Next Review

Is Your Process Old-School? Start Automating These 5 Tasks For Your Next Review.

Good old-school throwbacks: one-player Solitaire. Tamagotchi. Lava lamps Bad throwbacks: clunky, outdated technology. In the explosive digital era we live in, there’s not much room for slow processes (unless you want to be bogged down…
grant application, future proof, non-profit

Non-Profit Organisations; Face The Future, Or Be Trapped In The Past

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More often than not, the time for change in business (as in life) comes at an unexpected turn, and it’s true that not everything can be planned for. However, when it comes to the approach of companies in need of updating, what the arrival…
Start-up employees using’s accelerator management software in the office

Accelerators And Incubators; Continuously Providing Opportunities

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When it comes to the topic of entrepreneurs and setting up businesses for the first time, some common phrases that are used may not be so obvious to those new to the industry. ‘Accelerators’ and ‘Incubators’ are two such examples…
Data Protection, GDPR, Online Security

Security: More Data Than Ever Imaginable Is Now Online. How Do We Safeguard It?

It was inevitable that businesses and corporations alike would digitise and move their respective content online, in the last two decades particularly. However, the rate at which this then occurred was unprecedented, and they were joined by…

8 Fundamental Steps To Running A High-Converting Online Contest

Like any other marketing campaign, it’s all about strategy.  So before you can start building your contest and getting it out into the world, you need to break down each step of the process, from ideation all the way to the post-contest…
Since the lockdown, academic submissions from women have dropped drastically while research papers from men have risen up to 50%. Here’s how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting female scholars.

Why Women Are Submitting Less Academic Research During COVID-19

Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Are women publishing less during the pandemic?According to an investigation released by the Washington Post, academic journals are seeing a substantial dip in women submission research papers.…
submission MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, collaborative review

7 Ways Submit Can Help You Build A Better Collaborative Review

If your business has to make any decision in a team, that’s a collaborative review. But the more people involved in a review, the longer the process, right? Not necessarily. Building a collaborative review doesn’t need to add more…

Streamlining Grant Management: How Can Simplify the Process

Grant management can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving multiple steps such as application submission, document management, and review processes. However, with the emergence of new technologies, there are now many tools and…

7 Common Grant Management Mistakes You Must Avoid to Ensure Success

The world of philanthropy revolves around the goal of making a difference in society. Grant giving is one of the ways to achieve this, but there are some common mistakes that funders make which can cost them a significant amount of money, and…

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Open and Closed Innovation Strategies for Your Business

As the world becomes more digitalized, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to innovate. Start-ups and established businesses alike are struggling to decide which path to take, as the demand for creativity and innovation continues…

The Three Types of Innovation Every Business Should Know

Innovation has become a buzzword that is often overused, making it difficult to remember what it really means. Companies frequently declare, "we need to start innovating!" or "we are an innovative company." But what does that actually mean?…

Centering Grantees: Rethinking the Reporting Process and Alternatives for Greater Impact

As someone who has worked with both funders and grantees, I have seen firsthand the challenges that grantee organizations face when it comes to reporting on their progress and outcomes. For many organizations, preparing and submitting reports…

Combining Trust-Based Approaches with Data-Driven Grantmaking

Many discussions surrounding grantmaking often pit trust-based and data-driven approaches against each other, but this is a false dichotomy. In fact, combining the two approaches can result in a stronger grant program. The key is to develop…

Empowering Equitable Decision-Making

How Supports Liberatory Approaches for Organizational Justice As organizations increasingly prioritize social justice and equity, Liberatory Decision-Making has become an important approach to decision-making. can help…

Why your Nonprofit likely needs a Digital Upgrade

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it's no surprise that nonprofits are also shifting towards online platforms to streamline their operations and reach a wider audience. However, many nonprofits still rely on outdated systems and processes…

Revolutionizing Public Sector IT Service Management

Adapting to an Ever-Changing Landscape The world of IT service management (ITSM) in the public sector has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. The adoption of cloud-based technologies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms…

Why Public-Private Partnerships are the Future

In today's digital age, technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, and this is true for government agencies as well. As the world becomes increasingly connected, government agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to…