The question of Corporate Social Responsibility has been one raised and debated more than ever given the present circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. This is a way of talking about how a given company has an impact upon communities, while simultaneously prompting change in both the economy and society as a whole. As these companies make decisions that have this kind of power, it is felt by everyone from employees to the environment as a whole. The question is, are these always positively felt?

While some may rightly point out that profit is the ultimate goal, it is not the decider for customers, or those looking in on the company in general. In 2020, many of these companies have made a plan of action in order to reach out and aid communities and those in need.

 L’Oréal has used their reach of developing cosmetic brands to develop hand sanitiser for hospitals and care facilities. Many others have made direct financial donations, whilst philanthropists have also contributed, whether that is towards health services or in helping local governments with some form of contribution.

As well as these initiatives, companies have also made changes towards helping their own employees, showing or giving support for smart working, home networking and in offering further training opportunities that are easily accessible.

So, there are multi-faceted sides to CSR and how it can be implemented across the board.

Making sure any company’s CSR is applicable

The best of these CSR strategies usually tend to focus on actions or issues that are most relevant, so as mentioned above the pandemic is certainly taking centre stage here. They should also focus on aspects of environmental protection, linking to the sustainability of work, reducing wastage and needlessly high budgeting. That is why the priorities of a given organisation are telling and being consistent is as important as being effective.

 The consistency question is one that should not be taken lightly, as any actions taken regarding CSR can have an impact on an organisation’s business. The best possible place to start is in the areas or activities best known to the company. Often this can be in helping out the most vulnerable members of society, and as with the current pandemic, those in that branch of society will need help now more than ever.  

One specific organisation that deals with such issues is The Globalgiving coronavirus relief fund. This is an example of a company supported by various employees from renowned companies, and as EVP Chief communications officer David Leavy remarks; ‘‘ Globalgiving has been a terrific partner in its flexibility in supporting our initiatives ranging from timely disaster relief to feeding the hungry, and protecting our planet. (Globalgiving) allows our good efforts to immediately activate and support critical causes and enables us to maximise our impact to improve the communities where we live and work.’‘

It is usually those without access to healthcare that are at a higher risk of more serious complications in terms of health, and in emergencies it is not merely the economic situation which is impacted in those areas. This is yet another reason why companies should share and use the necessary skills and technical know-how to aid where possible.

CSR and the advantages for gaining customer trust and interest

With that in mind, it is not exaggerating to say that consumers and clients alike are far more in tune with what is going on in the world than they previously had been years ago. With access to more data, online information, choice within a crowded market, this is clearly a peak time for competition. In that sense, how a company manages its affairs and image is a vital side of business.  The digital landscape is instant in terms of delivering both positive and negative information regarding any given corporation’s output. The customer is now seen to be as important to the stake of a business as much as the most well-informed members of the team are. 

To go in line with this, and what was mentioned in the previous piece, the customers will be happy to have involvement with a company whose CSR production is a positive one. In addition to the pandemic, the mounting social and societal problems that have surfaced ever more visibly in 2020 have also been addressed. How companies have responded to the Black Lives Matter movement, for example, has also been closely monitored and observed. Additionally, athletes with sponsorships from these companies have made a massive step in raising awareness and in turn setting the company’s image a certain way.

The importance of transparency and communication is hugely important in that regard, as it allows for the consumers to understand the reasons for any change in business. This is another motivational aspect of CSR, in terms of creation, application of materials and the positive overall results a company can make in a sector. As long as these corporations continue to improve on their respective mission statements, they will be sure to respond to crises and communities in need as attentively as possible for the foreseeable future.

Communication and Submit’s approach

Submit’s purpose is to help build on all of the above examples, in helping to standardise both internal and external communication when managing the workflow. This approach will help any business when choosing a system to aid impact, and engage the employees with forms that are modern and easily accessible. The communication would help keep all stakeholders and potential clients with interest in a given company up to date and also accurate responses in terms of email templates, as opposed to previous systems where it could have taken far more time. The reporting tools also help in terms of being able to track and keep some form of measurement regarding social impact and contributions.

This is very beneficial, and goes in line with choosing the correct tone for explaining the mandate of a company and how its profile can be set out. That would convey an accurate understanding of its values.

John Collins, a Clinician manager from Functional Health, has given his assessment of the forms his company has used with Submit; ‘’ The ease of use, (it has a) very intuitive interface. Robust functionality. Extremely efficient customer support from the outset; needs were closely listened to and ultimately delivered on. The result was a highly useful, sustainable platform capable of adapting to our evolving needs. Highly recommended.’’

For more information, a detailed run through of the system and how it operates can be viewed here. Our team are ready and waiting for you to get in touch for a free trial today!

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