Leveraging technology for grant management with Submit.com & The Katharine Howard Foundation

In a recent virtual gathering, Dee Butler, Head of Growth at Submit.com, hosted Dr Cliona Hannon, CEO of The Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF), for a discussion on their year-long partnership. The conversation revolved around how KHF has utilized the Submit.com platform for their Children’s Promise Grants Program, which targets community organizations addressing the challenges of poverty among children and families.

The Katharine Howard Foundation, founded in 1979, concentrates on prevention and early intervention programs for families in poverty. Dr. Hannon detailed the Children’s Promise Grants Program, initiated in the previous year, aimed at supporting community organizations with promising practices to combat the corrosive impacts of poverty.

Prior to adopting Submit.com, KHF managed grant applications through a more manual and paper-based process. Dr. Hannon highlighted challenges related to security, board review, and the labor-intensive nature of collating information for reporting purposes. The organization, being small, required a more efficient and streamlined solution.

Dee Butler questioned Dr. Hannon about the process before Submit.com and the challenges faced in managing applications. Dr. Hannon explained the security concerns, difficulties in reviewing confidential information, and the cumbersome nature of manual processes. The transition to Submit.com brought relief by providing a customizable, user-friendly platform that facilitated collaboration and ease of reporting.

Dr. Hannon emphasized that the platform was not just for reporting but also a tool to help organizations improve their practices. Submit.com’s customization allowed KHF to adapt the platform for the specific needs of the Children’s Promise Grants Program. The ease of use and responsiveness of the Submit.com team were crucial factors in the successful implementation.

Looking ahead, Dr. Hannon shared that KHF plans to continue using Submit.com for their grants program. They are set to open applications for the next cycle, aiming to select up to 18 organizations. The foundation intends to maintain its focus on providing support to organizations efficiently, leveraging technology without significantly increasing team size.

Dr. Hannon addressed the question of accessibility for smaller community groups. She mentioned providing a contact point for queries and conducting Zoom information sessions to assist applicants. Dee Butler suggested involving Submit.com experts in future sessions to address technical queries.

The case study reflects the successful collaboration between The Katharine Howard Foundation and Submit.com, showcasing how technology can enhance the efficiency of grant application processes. The platform’s user-friendly nature, coupled with responsive support, has not only streamlined operations for KHF but also empowered smaller community organizations in the grant application process. The partnership between Submit.com and KHF is a testament to the power of technology in driving social impact and change.

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