Many companies are beginning to benefit from a necessary change of approach in the current predicament. The reason being, a reluctance to change in the past has now become forced, and because of this a lot of ‘outside the box’ thinking has helped to push forward a level of content creativity, and innovation that may have otherwise been passed by. Being somewhat optimistic about the future helps to look at areas which will be of importance, and where things can make a continuous difference in a number of ways.

In a sense, having a variety of differing projects and options can contribute towards inspiration, and we can look at a few of these positives in detail. These subjects will deal with a combination of technology, adapting existing skills to create something new, working together with others in order to achieve greatness, and other areas that show how this can be done.

Change and innovation don’t have to be fearful concepts

Innovation itself doesn’t have to be regarded as something to be afraid of. Many will hear the term and believe ‘not only do I need an idea; it has to be a new one that hasn’t been thought of before’ and worry that the task becomes too great. However, the beauty of this technological age is that so much information, opportunity, and contact is available, that the potential for teamwork and cooperation means idea sharing across networks is at an all-time high.

While the economy may seem in a somewhat uncertain stage to begin with, the chances that were also taken in the past started in that same manner. Companies ranging from Uber to Air B’N’B have all previously benefitted from taking the chances of providing a service that had a unique angle or change, while embracing ideas and views of products that were always in demand in some form or another.

Having an understanding about different levels of analysis and targets would also benefit, in having an overall grasp of the digital spectrum. Research would help to discover different organisations in similar fields, and to in turn reach out and build on potential professional relationships.

Once a specific point of interest is identified, the project can then move forward to attract customers and partners.

Moving ahead as quickly as possible, changing focus where necessary

In the midst of the pandemic, a number of changes have become necessary which were not originally planned or perceived. Talking about the tourism sector, the Cork county council have mobilised quickly with methods that have been both essential and innovative in the space of time that they were set up, and then implemented in. Sharon Conroy, who is a staff officer with the council, notes that they were flexible and active in reaching out to a number of contributors.

‘In working directly with Failte Ireland, we were able to manage and plan for localised festivals and provide electronic digital mapping to ensure that domestic tourists are catered for in the wake of international travel being on hold.’

Grant schemes for local festival funds have aided their budget, and this support given is set to boost local economic development, while driving forward domestic tourism. There has also been a feedback-based application, produced for showing interactive videos and online content, and this circulation has quickly helped out the council and clients alike. In listening to experiences of former tourists and clientele, ‘Rediscovering Cork’ was launched to help focus on what areas will be open and at what time in the future. This is a massive benefit for businesses within the county, in addition to the local scheme it already helps out in literary, arts and heritage regions too.

This case study in particular is a good example of how innovation can be enhanced with more updates, more concise news and attention to detail.

This is all a continuous work in progress, but what is again a positive to take away here is the fact that so many companies and brands have come together to focus on new projects. By being innovative in the sense of working together, the council and the companies have managed to propose a new focus for the short-term, while continuously planning for the future at the same time. The information on tourism and other initiatives can be seen here.

Focus on solving world problems and working together

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, one aspect of innovation in the world has been the manner in which companies have worked together. Whether that is by sending equipment through different countries or providing access to healthcare, food packages or temporary shelter, it is a positive factor that will hopefully be kept up in the future at a similar rate.

As the digital transformation continues, it is easier than ever before for companies to keep in contact with each other and clients, liaising where possible and being clear in messaging at all times.

Teamwork and co-operation in that respect have been pushed to the forefront as a necessity, and competition in many fields has been somewhat put aside to look at the bigger picture. In that sense, this form of collaboration is quite innovative in itself, as companies and clients begin to focus on an empathetic side of the world in more detail.

Major cosmetics companies such as L’Oréal have begun to produce hand sanitisers and gels, while a number of high-end fashion designers have been making face masks. These kinds of steps have shown that companies can act on their initiative, and use their specific range of products and skills within their respective area of expertise to adapt to something essential in an ever-changing marketplace.

Keeping things flexible with Submit

Once the level of dedication and commitment becomes apparent as with any new innovative subject, the companies or start-ups would begin to experience a huge number of applications or some type of document registration process.

Building on these kinds of relationships with buyers online, and staying in touch with clients is where Submit comes in. Our flexible, easy to use platforms are set up to use a number of programs, organising everything from newly emerging entrepreneurs, to competitive, well established councils looking for that clear advantage to stand out from the crowd.  Streamlining this process, and freeing up more time to focus on helping new opportunities develop and blossom, will cut down on needless paper-based tasks.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a free trial, our team members are waiting to hear from you!

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