Digital transformation is the process of using technology to improve the way an organization operates and delivers value to its customers, stakeholders, and society. For local governments, digital transformation can enable them to provide more efficient, effective, and accessible public services, as well as to engage more closely with their citizens and communities.

One of the key challenges that local governments face in their digital transformation journey is how to collect, manage, and evaluate data and information from various sources, such as applications, submissions, nominations, grants, reports, surveys, inspections, and audits. These processes often involve complex workflows, multiple stakeholders, and diverse formats and requirements. Traditional methods of handling these processes, such as paper forms, emails, spreadsheets, and manual reviews, can be time-consuming, costly, error-prone, and inconsistent.

This is where platforms like can help. is a cloud-based submission management platform that allows local governments to create and manage any type of online form or process with ease and efficiency. With, local governments can:

  • Quickly build intuitive and branded forms that collect the data and media they need in the format they want.
  • Create simple or complex workflows that automate tasks, assign roles, and track progress.
  • Evaluate submissions effectively with features such as auto-tagging, auto-scoring, auto-rejecting, user scoring, user tagging, user commenting, and video interviewing.
  • Communicate directly with applicants and reviewers through the in-app mailbox.
  • Generate meaningful reports using powerful analytics tools that they control. can be used for a variety of use cases by local governments, such as:

  • Grant management: Streamline the process of receiving and reviewing grant applications from various sources, such as foundations, trusts, NGOs, and community groups. Engage with grantees throughout the grant cycle and demonstrate the impact of the grant funding.
  • Awards and nominations: Collect nominations and entries for awards that recognize excellence and achievements in various fields, such as education, culture, sports, environment, and innovation. Simplify the judging process and find the best candidates.
  • Contests and events: Organize contests and events that promote creativity, participation, and engagement among citizens. Accept submissions of various types, such as photos, videos, essays, poems, or artworks. Manage the voting and selection process.
  • Health and safety: Move to a paperless solution for health and safety inspections and audits. Collect data and evidence from the field using mobile devices. Ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Field operations: Improve the efficiency and quality of field operations such as maintenance, repair, installation, or surveying. Collect data and feedback from field workers using mobile devices. Monitor performance and identify issues.

By using platforms like, local governments can benefit from:

  • Reduced administrative time and costs: Save time and resources by eliminating paper forms, emails, spreadsheets, and manual tasks. Reduce errors and inconsistencies by standardizing processes and workflows.
  • Improved user experience: Provide a modern and user-friendly online experience for applicants and reviewers. Increase convenience and accessibility by allowing users to submit or review anytime and anywhere.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Work more closely with internal and external stakeholders involved in the processes. Facilitate communication and feedback through the platform.
  • Increased transparency: Track the status and progress of submissions and processes. Provide clear visibility into the criteria and outcomes of evaluations.
  • Better decision making: Analyze data and information collected through the platform. Generate insights and reports that support evidence-based decisions.

Digital transformation is not only about technology but also about people and culture. Platforms like can help local governments to embrace digital transformation by empowering them to create better processes and outcomes for their citizens and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about how can help your local government with digital transformation, you can visit our website or book a demo. You can also read some of our customer stories to see how other organizations have used their platform successfully.