Submit is an incredibly versatile online submission system with tons of different question types. We’ve got multiple-choice, file upload and even digital signature.

However, probably the least understood question type is our pre-recorded video questions or VideoQ. Applicants self-record video answers to your pre-set questions on your form.

VideoQ allows you to meet the real person behind the application. It transforms your decision-making process while also helping to connect in a personal way with candidates.

So, here are three benefits to using pre-recorded video questions:

  1. It’s a different way to determine the right candidate
  2. It encourages applicant engagement with the process
  3. Your evaluation process is further streamlined.

A different way to determine the right candidate

In traditional application processes, all you have to go is the words on a page or screen. Sometimes this can result in applicants failing to meet the expectations the application raised. Ultimately forcing you to go back to well in the hopes of finding a better applicant.

However, with VideoQ you connect with the person applying and make an accurate assessment of their suitability. Instead of being impressed with a nice sentence, you’ll be impressed with their delivery.

Obviously, the entire application will form how you evaluate applicants but VideoQ will give you an extra edge when deciding between several qualified candidates. It could be the difference in picking a good applicant and a great one.

It encourages applicant engagement with the process

Presenting video interview questions as part of your online submission process will give applicants more opportunity to reinforce their application. A chance to literally say why they’re pitching for your grant or want to win your award

At the end of the process, they can proudly state that they gave their application their all. This new level of engagement will significantly contribute to a positive journey for the candidate.

And, if they’re unsuccessful this time around but they were still a good candidate, it’s highly likely they’ll apply again in future thanks to this positive experience.

Your evaluation process is further streamlined

Your team will save so much time with VideoQ. Suddenly, you’ll glean insights you wouldn’t usually from words alone. You’ll get a real feel for them and only select the best for your grant, award or scholarship.

Finally, you benefit from increased collaboration on your team. It’s much easier to ask for a glance at a 30-second video than it is to skim through a two-page document. Ultimately resulting in generating multiple opinions on candidates which helps to make fairer and more diverse decisions.

VideoQ currently enables our clients to better screen candidates. We’ve seen it used by clients dealing in grant applications, award entries, academic submissions, and even TV talent casting

It provides useful insights that can’t be gleaned from words on a screen alone and your applicants suddenly have a way to stand apart from the crowd. A chance to demonstrate their creativity or personalise their motivations behind applying. 

You can even allow them to practice or have more than one take. Bear in mind not everyone is Meryl Streep!

Discover how you can implement VideoQ as part of your online submission process today: