Benefits Of The Innovation Portal

As technology changes and accelerates at an even faster pace around the world, there will always be new elements that have to be shown with examples of how they work and can be implemented. How to protect against similar outcomes in the…
Should Small Companies Care About CSR? An Honest Answer

Should Small Companies Care About CSR ? An Honest Answer

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When you think of CSR, do you automatically think of huge enterprises like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Disney or LEGO?  Sustainable business practices are being pursued and promoted by businesses of all sizes—even the itty bitty tiny…
grant management

Here’s How To Streamline All 3 Phases Of The Grant Cycle

When it comes to philanthropy, funders have almost as much administrative work as the actual grantmaking itself.  And while you can’t remove any aspects of the planning, implementation and management process, you can certainly streamline…

The 3 Types Of Innovation Every Business Needs To Know

Innovation has become such a buzzword in recent years that it’s hard to remember what it actually means. Companies often declare ‘we need to start innovating!’ or more commonly, ‘we are an innovative company’—but what does that…
Accelerators And Incubators

How Accelerators And Incubators Can Continue Dominating Through The Pandemic

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There is a lot of negativity in the world today, so let’s focus instead on the potential for positives within a crisis. One area that we could refer to here is in entrepreneurs, and that all-important development of new business. Ignoring…
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Calling All Startups! Top 10 Incubator & Accelerator Programmes In Ireland

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Ireland has some of the best incubator and accelerator programmes in Europe, but before you consider applying for one, it’s important to know the difference between the two: Incubators  Incubators are generally for new companies.…
5 Inspiring Brands Innovating During The Pandemic

Spotlight: 5 Inspiring Brands Innovating During The Pandemic

The pandemic has tipped over almost all aspects of life by now, and most businesses and corporations have had a few months to get their post-pandemic realities in order.  McKinsey recently conducted a survey of over 200 industry-wide…
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The Current Impact And Future Of Incubators And Accelerators

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A lot has been written about the social and economic fallout from the events of this year, and the same is true for the output and plans for most businesses worldwide. With the pandemic pushing back countless deadlines, plans and projects,…

How Digital Award Ceremonies Continue To Thrive Online

This is undoubtedly a worrying time for most professionals, not least in circles where participants and awarding hosts are concerned regarding ventures that are looking to go forward. How to manage award presentations and ceremonies and whether…
talent casting

Talent Casting Using Submit: Customer Stories

Here at Submit, we constantly strive to build a platform that’s simple yet as powerful as possible for our customers. That means taking the lengthy, multi-layered phases of a review and turning it into a smart, intuitive and streamlined process…

Corporate Social Responsibility; More Vital Than Ever

The question of Corporate Social Responsibility has been one raised and debated more than ever given the present circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. This is a way of talking about how a given company has an impact upon communities, while…
start up innovation

Innovation In Boosting Start-Ups, Making Work Transparent And Efficient

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It is true that great start-ups and professional non-profit organisations alike want to have a positive impact in today’s world, while doing the best job possible to attract the finest talent to do so. While non-profits may have a clear…
Academia Submissions

Academia And The Ever-Changing Face Of Form Submissions

The industry of education is continuously changing at this point in the 21st century, and given the events surrounding the global pandemic, this will clearly not slow down any time soon. With regards to life in the academic surroundings, predominantly…

Video Application Questions; Making Them The Right Way!

In terms of an application process, the subject of ‘video questions’ is one that can be so useful in terms of timing and planning. How to do it in the right way in terms of engagement and how to get the attention of potential employers…
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How Award-Based Events Can Continue To Be Hosted Successfully Online

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The practice of giving, and certainly receiving, awards in something to be celebrated. That’s why at Submit we are keen to show examples of how the process and management status is set up to ensure that these events can continue to be held,…

Grant Management Systems Focus: Philanthropy

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From the beginning of the year 2020, it’s fair to say nobody could have imagined the trials that the world would face. These are as much in health and various economies, as they are in regards to the constant disparity that those in underserved…

How Innovation And Creativity Can Be Maintained In This Climate

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Many companies are beginning to benefit from a necessary change of approach in the current predicament. The reason being, a reluctance to change in the past has now become forced, and because of this a lot of ‘outside the box’ thinking…
Granular permissions, teams, working from home

Working From Home Made Easier With Submit; Granular Team Permissions To Suit Any Structure And Workflow

With working from home accelerating to such a level that would never have been imagined pre-2020, it’s a good time to look at aspects of how this can all be managed. How the nature of the job itself flows is always a different matter, but…
Is Your Process Old-School? Start Automating These 5 Tasks For Your Next Review

Is Your Process Old-School? Start Automating These 5 Tasks For Your Next Review.

Good old-school throwbacks: one-player Solitaire. Tamagotchi. Lava lamps Bad throwbacks: clunky, outdated technology. In the explosive digital era we live in, there’s not much room for slow processes (unless you want to be bogged down…
grant application, future proof, non-profit

Non-Profit Organisations; Face The Future, Or Be Trapped In The Past

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More often than not, the time for change in business (as in life) comes at an unexpected turn, and it’s true that not everything can be planned for. However, when it comes to the approach of companies in need of updating, what the arrival…