In terms of an application process, the subject of ‘video questions’ is one that can be so useful in terms of timing and planning. How to do it in the right way in terms of engagement and how to get the attention of potential employers or clients is what we’ll talk about specifically here.

What the video question is in itself (and there is more technical information available throughout our website), is one that pertains to a form of an interview in a self-produced format. It is a different way of doing interviews, more prevalent in an age where so much of work and professional life is pivoting to online spaces and in turn can be seen as a different area of development.

Social media and its rise in the 21st century have ensured that most professionals are familiar with the concept of video making. Where businesses come into play is in using the video application project to attract new employees, and in turn perspective clients seek to do the same in finding a new position.

There are numerous things to consider in terms of making a video that will attract attention, in the positive and professional sense, and help to boost confidence or clear up any uncertainties in how this procedure can be done successfully.

How somebody can apply for this process, and where Submit is involved

The process itself is relatively straightforward, although there are various ways to look at how to produce and record video. The first aspect that is important to grasp is why recruiters have been using video, and that is for one aim to get a first impression of an applicant. There is less going back and forward via email, attempting to gauge on topics, or trying to set up a meeting in a location where time management is crucial. The immediacy of this means that the company or business will be able to understand an applicant’s strengths and focus, and save on that vital time which can often prove elusive.

The video application can be done via live video, from a laptop, or a recorded Skype-style session. In the case of each individual application, the questions would then be tailored to the specific needs of the given company. This would of course include the applicant’s own way of answering questions clearly and communicating well at all times. In order to get the attention of a potential future employer, the more confident and memorable the candidate is, the better.

‘StoryMe’ is an example of a modern organisation which asks potential new applications to send their videos via Whatsapp (which have to specifically be one minute long). There are numerous other companies which have similar requirements and set questions for candidates to respond too, sometimes leading to second stage interviews or certainly more in the way of opportunities. In turn, it helps the companies evaluate clients far more effectively.

At Submit, we have seen such videos being used across industries and those related to Grant applications, award-based schemes, academic submissions (for content and often related work) and TV talent casting. In terms of how the software collects and displays the content, there is a brief at VideoQ to talk about the software specifically.

Important steps and tips to follow in the creation of your video content

  • Preparation
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • Clear answers and statements

It’s important to remember and make sure that everything is tested beforehand to avoid any technical mishaps or errors, while being cautious about elements like a bad internet signal, for example. Regarding the camera, whether that’s from your laptop or PC, make sure it’s on eye level so that you’re fully in the screen itself. Basically, as long as everything is logged in and setup you should be prepared!

While insights into a candidate’s personality are beneficial as mentioned before, at the end of the day this is still a professional interview or demonstration. With that in mind, it’s important to have the right or at least suitable attire, as well as a specific way of speaking that would strike the balance of being someway formal without coming across as casual.

Following from that, there is no need to be nervous as you will ultimately be the one to oversee your own draft. If confidence is an issue, at least there is the opportunity to re-record and keep trying to maintain the correct posture and eye contact, so that you leave as good an impression as possible!

Clarity is also vital, as what you are saying and the points that you would like to convey should be understood at all times by the viewer(s). So rather than attempt to add a few statements or phrases which seem a little ‘complex’, or convoluted, instead keep things at a steady and clear pace so that your message is transparent.

While also removing any unknown possibilities, such as any potential distractions, it’s also important not to lose sight of the main point of the process too. The employers or client want to know about you as a candidate, or your input to that extent, so in essence the person is the product here. The bigger or better the impression your video makes is mainly down to you!

How to upload the content and how it looks on Submit’s platform

In terms of recording and creating your content, the methods can vary somewhat from pc/laptop webcams, to smartphones or anything else that may have a record function. The finished product could then be uploaded straight to Submit’s own programme, where it is possible to review entire applications online in an easily accessible form.

The questions posed by the company would also be accessible here, and in a clear outline so that it’s easy to look back at the theme of the interview as well.

There are a number of reasons which we talked about discussed in some detail here; which expands upon the need for video and also gives some further advice about preparation for doing so.

As mentioned previously, where some may find Video questions straightforward, others will be a bit more concerned or unsure as to producing such content for the first time. This is why practice is so important, utilising this is a big advantage and that is why you don’t have to submit the first edit of a video if you’re not pleased with it.

Submit works with candidates to ensure they’re happy with their final upload and tailors that end to specific needs. If you’re planning your application, hopefully this will have been some use to you and you can contact us for any queries on the process. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for any further queries, and a free trial!

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